More About the Author

Almost six feet in height, barely 110 pounds in weight. His favorite hobby is eating every two hours, and his superpower is not to gain any gram in the process. He considers this a curse though, proof of which traces back to three years ago when he downed 2,500 kilo-calories for five straight days, only to have his cheeks bulge. (His tummy just did a back-flip.) — Super not true anymore, majority of his pants won’t fit him now. 😦

After eating, Troy loves reading detective books and mangas. Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot are his superheroes, both backed-up by Shinichi Kudo (Conan Edogawa). And speaking of manga, Troy likes the Japanese way of living very much! His soul is eager to continue on with the grueling academic journey, even if it means his demise.

On the geeky side, Troy is a materials chemist. Outside the laboratory, Troy exerts all his chakra doing some philosophy. He simply loves pondering about life (and death), appreciating humanity and criticizing the essence of current systematic and systemic structures. He finds an existentialist deep inside his subconscious, awaiting to be fully awoken.

And aside from all of these, Troy simply loves the company of his friends, his greatest treasures in the world. He is a party animal, after all.


One comment on “More About the Author

  1. This morning i woke up 1/2 awake & saw equations in my h ead…weird, have never done that. Then I HAPPENED upon your blog when trying to find a math equation for LIFE (such as H2o for water)

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