About the Blog

This blog attempts to be the author’s investigative instrument in probing the deepest mysteries of life. While it is named in a semi-formal fashion (troyalivio), this site shall be loose and will try to present different angles and perspectives of every topic discussed. Thus, replies are very much appreciated.

Posts in troyalivio are classified according to the following:

  1. Chemistry — Warning. Geek letters alert. These posts will showcase topics and breakthroughs which pique (or have piqued) the author’s interest in the said central science (yes, it is not physics, don’t argue anymore haha). His frustrations as a chemist, materials engineer, and researcher are voiced out in these entries as well.
  2. EscapologyBecause life is all about traveling and appreciating the beauty of the Earth. No we’re not talking about that Robbie Williams album. These posts include the author’s latest travels and prison breaks. By prison breaks, he means either escape from work (or school or other commitments, thus the term escapology).
  3. PhenomenologyExistentialist reflections and the like. The author presents himself as a frustrated philosopher (though he still firmly believes that the sciences are superior). These posts narrate his reflections on the deepness and shallowness of life, as well as the other external and internal forces molding it.
  4. PhotographyRandom pictures which caught my interest. They say that pictures speak louder than words. The author adds, “pictures professionally taken can send ships and breaths away.” Taken and not taken from his SLR camera, these posts provide a piece of the puzzle to what the author’s present feelings are.
  5. SociologyLife and its slices, as we know them. Human beings, aside from their chemical compositions and phenomenological relationships are social creatures. These posts appreciate the simplicity and complexity of life as the author probes with the observations he notes down in his everyday existence.

Sit back. Relax. And enjoy! I mean, read.


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