It’s been a solid year since that last post and all I can say for now is I had an amazing Christmas (typing this in Lent, awkward) where I had the chance to do a road trip (ROAD TRIP!) of the American Southwest to visit my parents in Los Angeles. That adds four more states to my current list so here’s another lame picture to a lame post.Visited States Tracker

I think — and I’m positive this time — by the time I celebrate my second anniversary in Texas, I will be mentally and emotionally ready to blog about those two cross-country trips I’ve had thus far. Maybe I’ll even have a third one (and five more states?) done by the time my mom makes her reunion here with the Lone Star State in April.

For now just some few glimpses of how that Southwest road trip has showed me:

  1. NEVER REALLY MESS WITH TEXAS. Man, Texas is really HUGE (seriously, what were they thinking when they made Rhode Island a state?).
  2. New Mexico is actually pretty, or at least the upper slice by I-40 is. Breaking Bad had me think of the Land of Enchantment as the Land of Entrapment.
  3. The Grand Canyon is more than just a pretty fridge magnet. And I think I met my soulmate in Arizona! ❤
  4. Life is surprisingly cheap in Las Vegas. It still makes me wonder why old people are driven to give away those escort calling cards to married men in broad daylight though.
  5. The Beehive State is as pretty as that section in I-15 N/S which cuts through the mountains. Too bad we were not able to go north to Salt Lake City as my parents are too old for the cold (yes I said it!).
  6. I think I like the Oakland Bay Bridge more than the Golden Gate, to be honest. But then again, I’ve been reggae and calypso too, so please save me, San Francisco.
  7. After two weeks of being away, there’s still no place like Texas. The feeling of hearing country music again in Amarillo is actually refreshing. (Someone bribed me to add this last item, I swear.)

That’s it for now.


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