More Than 160 but Less Than 1,000

It’s been a while since I posted anything here. As I swim down the deepest waters of graduate school, I’m thinking of updating this with just random short posts. As the title says, slightly more than the Twitter limit but not exceeding one grand. Short and sweet. Presto zesto. However you want to say that.

This comes very timely because I just gave up on my journal-writing. Thirty bucks down Staples’ drain. Make no mistake — I still love journal-writing, it’s just that I’ve been too occupied the past days since Holy Week (yup that long). Lots of trials have popped out before my eyes this summer as well. God knows how much I want to blast July and early-August 2013 into smithereens.

So there you go. Hopefully I can do this small commitment to myself; writing out one’s thoughts for the day has been proven to be scientifically beneficial anyway. Sorry, no references here, I’m too lazy to even type this last sentence.


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