24th Wishlist


It’s been a while since I have written here, I even barely noticed it’s December already. Time sure flies when you’re having and not having fun. But most of the times, I had haha.

As much as last year was to me, my 24th is a special one. For the first time, I am spending it away from my home country — kind of positive since I am young and I am yet to travel the entire globe. However I will also be spending it far from the warm embraces of my loved ones and relatives. I am just grateful that this year has been wonderfully amazing for me. I don’t believe in astrology at all but it was predicted we Dragons will have a terrible year this year of the dragon. Well guess who didn’t. Haha.

Anyway, my wishlist for this year is way simpler and way shorter than the previous ones I’ve had. (Or wait simple probably does not apply to the last two haha.)

  1. Ginebra San Miguel 2013 calendar. The one with Georgina Wilson in it. The moment I saw it, I knew it. She’s very very hot she can melt all the snow here. Priority gift, friends in the Philippines heeeelp!
  2. This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life!!! 2013 planner. My choice of journal/planner for the past three years. Now that I am not in the Philippines, I have no means to get this anymore (without it becoming extra expensive no thanks to courier costs). (Except for some of my friends who are going home, so can anyone help me here?)
  3. Nike Ateneo 5-peat championship shirt. Medium. Or probably not this one, since I cannot really wear it next year if the 6-peat becomes a reality right haha? A Nike Ateneo jacket would be lovely then. Or an Ateneo medium-sized shirt from Get Blued.
  4. A very witty book. Surprise me.
  5. Round-trip ticket to and from the Philippines. I have Filipinos say that Christmas and New Year here are kinda sad and flat (sorry America). While I will be spending the Yuletide with my relatives in Milwaukee, a plane ticket grants me permission to set up those half-a-mile long Judas belts which are illegal here (whyyyyyy!).
  6. A hot date for my birthday. Hmmm, this time I think this is not similar to last year. Insert smiley and sad face.

So this is the first birthday I get to spend in the United States. It’s a wonderful and lonely feeling. But with all the positive vibes and blessings 2012 has brought me, the ghosts of 2011 are now totally gone. All my loneliness and homesickness evaporate into thin air.


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