Awesome August

The eighth month of the second year of the second decade of the third millennium has gone and will never be back again (yes, even with a time machine). However, I will never forget August 2012 until the I kick the bucket. This 31-day period has seen me transition to a new phase of my life. If you will allow me.

Last week of July and first week of August (and a few other weeks before that)

So last February 14, I received this admission letter from New York, inviting me to work on my PhD degree at the Empire State itself. Aside from free tuition, I get to teach chemistry college kids. Who would say no to that. So by March, I replied an affirmative and by late April to early July, I collected all necessary documents. I started counting down the days happily.

Now here’s the bitter part of countdowns — when you are about to leave something for another, you realize that it actually starts to pain you as the day continues to expire. I felt this the most the weekend (August 4-5) before I left the Philippines. I invited my groups of friends to separate despedida dinners, all of which ended with a teardrop coming out of my tear duct. Enough of the drama now. I am thankful that I am able to spend, as Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen put it, good times with my friends and family. I won’t be here in New York without your love and support.

The despedidas were awesome, the food were awesome, my loved ones are awesome. Till we all meet again!

Second week of August

August 7 was literally the longest day of my life, everyone travelling from the South Pacific to the Mediterranean knows that. But like all days of the year, it eventually ended. From Manila, Philippines to Tokyo, Japan to New York City, New York, USA and finally to Washington DC, USA, I have finally landed in the Land of the Free.

Surprise — I HAD NO JETLAG. Now I can say that along with my Dad (yes, he’s very proud that he has traveled the world and not in a single instance did he have a jet lag).

You may ask what I was doing in DC when I’m supposed to go to NY instead? Before school officially began, I decided to spend a week with my maternal relatives in VA first. It was a very good summer break indeed. Highlights were our trip to the whole District of Columbia area and Hampton Roads.

Third week of August

I found myself back in the skies of North America again as I flew from Virginia to Pennsylvania and back to New York last August 14. That was also the day I got to experience the chilling winds of the second biggest city in NY.

But hey, school’s not yet started. So why not a trip to say, Niagara Falls?

I’m so happy that while aboard The Maid of the Mist, I got to meet my ex-blockmate Kim. She’s a PhD Chemistry hopeful too, in Texas. I want to visit that place too, so yes this is just the first of our many meet-ups.

So, Ateneans (and young nerd Pinoys in general) are dominating the United States. Watch out, America. Hahaha!

Fourth week of August

Fall semester (it’s weird that they call it “Fall semester” when it begins at the dying days of summer and into the early days of winter — I mean why not just “First semester?”) officially began with International Students’ Orientation. That includes me and my cool Panamanian roommate, Albis (MA Architecture). I love that SUNY-Buffalo is a school of large cultural diversity — it’s so fun getting to discover new people from various country. And I am so not done yet. Proud to be a global Pinoy New Yorker!

And there was our American Chemical Society exams, more processing of documents, and so on. Oh, did I say I got a new toy (Samsung Galaxy S3)? So I am now in Instagram (along with a million Filipinos on iPhone) so add me: troyalivio.

SUNY-Buffalo (or UB) is such a big school that it’s already September and I can still get lost.

Fifth week of August

Now school has officially started. I’m carrying nine graduate units plus six teaching units. But the good side of it: I only have two hours per week office hours (true story). I’m living the Fil-American dream.

However no pictures for this week. I need to concentrate on my studies, right?

Around a month has passed. Fifty-nine months more. It is going to be awesome. I love you, America!


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