Despedida Ideas

Last update: 31 July 2012 (Addendum: You can also get me an Ateneo shirt, but please not the “Team Ateneo” thing.)

Almost half of 144,000 minutes have passed. Time has once again passed before my eyes at such hypersonic speed. As I continue to count down the days, I am listing down a handful of material things I would like to take with me as I open up a new chapter of my life this seventh of August. So here friends, no need to rattle your brains thinking of what to give to me. Hahaha.

  1. University of the Philippines (UP) Adidas limited edition jacket. Size S please. This one has been very elusive to me. Once upon a time when I was just skin and bones (fine, just two years ago haha), I happened to chance on one LAST piece at Adidas Gateway. Problem was, it was size M. Now, I am willing to get even a size M haha. Alternatively, a Nike Ateneo jacket would do. Size S for this one too, or M at the most. For Nike Ateneo, not the one with “ATENEO” at the right arm, please. That thing with my alma mater’s name at the back is loads better. I have the Ateneo Adidas Sesqui jacket though, so if you can get me their version of the State University’s, I will be very grateful.
  2. A very good cook book.  If you are one of my closest friends (or relative), you would have already known that I get hungry every other hour. Living independently for the past seven years has made me learn how to cook on my own, but not like a top-notch chef. Since I can see myself living alone again for the next five years (and this time oceans away from my cooking class professor (my mommy)), I might need some help from the real experts. Bruce Weinstein et al‘s Ultimate Cook Book: 900 New Recipes, Thousands of Ideas is available at Fullybooked for only PhP 900. Another good food porn read from the said bookstore is James Beard’s The Fireside Cook Book: A Complete Guide to Fine Cooking for Beginner and Expert, for only PhP 1,200. Other good titles also welcome! –> I got three cookbooks from my blockmates already but not the titles specified here. :p
  3. Starbucks Manila tumbler. I know a handful of friends and relatives who are into collecting tumblers from various places around the world. As I embark on yet another academic journey of my life, I also look forward to lots of travels to all seven continents (yes even Antarctica!). The best way to start this, I think, would be to declare to those who I will be seeing on a regular basis my roots. The Manila tumbler from Starbucks would be grand, as I can see myself drinking lots of coffee and tea during those all-nighters that I will be pulling (either when I will be grading my future students’ laboratory reports or when I have to draft for the nth time my dissertation proposal). It would be lovelier if you can also write some dedication notes to the tumbler’s cover, or print an alternate cover (showing you and me haha) which I can interchange at times when I feel super lonely.
  4. Girbaud long black wallet, with many card slots. My current wallet has been my buddy all throughout undergraduate and graduate school. However, the working force has gifted me with additional professional and government ID cards (oh and of course, credit cards haha) and I fear that my wallet is about to burst any moment now. A new long wallet would thus come in handy. Sidebar, please retain the slot for “wallet pictures,” this feature actually comes in handy at times that I might need to prevent myself from swiping one of my plastic money.
  5. G-2000 slim black slacks, size 33. A constant item in my gift list. My previous work involved extremely harsh chemistry laboratory conditions and as a result, all of my pants (and yes even a pair of slacks that was meant for a seminar presentation) have holes from acids (or bases). They are small though and not much harm done, but as my idol Barney Stinson would say, New is always better. So there. A dark shade of grey would do, but I still prefer it pitch-black.
  6. Deer-stalker cap. An item from my 22nd wishlist which for some reason, I forgot to include last year. Maybe because it is as elusive as that UP Adidas jacket? But yes, this baby is similar to the one the great Sherlock Holmes sports (which Shinichi Kudou also hopes to wear when he finally goes back to his adult body). It actually completes my detective apparel set! And yes, I have such haha.
  7. A very sturdy (and professional-looking) shoulder bag. For work and for leisure. Black, if possible, so that it does not pick too much visible dust. Not too small and not too big, please.
  8. Winter clothes! In pursuit of my doctoral education, I need to survive at least five harsh winters courtesy of Lake Erie. Thermal underwear would be lovely too. And speaking of underwear…
  9. Lots of boxer shorts. Seriously.
  10. Plane ticket back to the Philippines this 2013. Already? Hahaha. Well, it is because I need to renew my nonprofessional driver’s and chemist’s licenses that year, as well as my leave of absence at UP-Diliman. And yes, a lot of other reasons too.

And of course, pocket money would be very nice. Hahaha just kidding.

I am now in this state at which I am excited and at the same time scared. Excited to open new doors, but scared to leave lots of good memories behind. I really hope that time continues to fly at hypersonic speeds, I am so looking forward to 2017 already.

This list will be updated regularly until midnight of August 7 strikes. Wait for it. Or rather, I will be waiting for you! Hahaha!


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