Looking Forward No. 3

It has been almost a year (two more days actually) before my last update to this quote-unquote series. I’ve anticipated that I’ll be enjoying lots of breaks for the latter half of 2011 (and the early third of 2012) and I was wrong. No regrets at all though. Keeping me out of my online diary’s grasps actually made it possible for me to blab about more awesome adventures to come. Wait for it.

In my hypothetical count, this could have been number 5 already but as I have mentioned earlier, it is not. Does not really matter. But with the advent of the last 100 days of my Project 480, I think that it is time to start looking forward again, as the title brutally suggests.

  1. Yes I am going to New York this August (status: 97% done). Not to North Carolina, not to Florida, not to Indiana, but to the Empire State. I may have to admit here that my original plan actually involved Massachusetts (since January 2011), but things took an awesome twist one fateful afternoon last August 5, 2011 at the Marine Science Institute at the University of the Philippines – Diliman. At first I was thinking of not doing it but I eventually did, with some cheers from my best of friends. From September 2011 to January 2012 I was totally paranoid that I will not make it but turns out this year’s Valentine’s Day was the best Valentine’s Day ever.
  2. I need to prepare going to New York though haha (status: 54% done). I just got my student visa a few days ago so yay my dreams are starting to take shape! 🙂 I am currently organizing all documents I need to secure for my first few weeks.
  3. Plan a solid one-way travel itinerary (status: 9% done). I have two dates in August already, I just need to finalize which. But before that I need to decide on where to “land.”
  4. Buy some necessary house decors and what nots (status: 0.00000001% done). The only thing I have accomplished here is to secure myself a town house I can call home until July 2013. I want to sleep on my new bed already though haha.
  5. Take some well deserved break (status: 1% done). By the first of June I will be leaving the local working force to spend my last two months and a week with my loved ones. I hope that somewhere in between, I can go home to our place in Cebu. Meanwhile I also intend to prepare for what I nickname as “second board exams.” Totally not related to it, I intend not to stall my schooling by sitting in to my what-could-have-been Masters classes as UP Diliman. That also means some quality bonding time with my Masters classmates (huhu I wish I could be with them longer).
  6. Lots of things to be said and done (status: -11% done). In a matter of eleven days, it will be June already. Thirty days more and the awesome half of 2012 has already passed. I need to start doing something!

And that’s how my Project 480 is coming. Strictly the name Project 480 is moot now, given that all of these will commence on August 18, 2012 and not on the first day of the ber months. Lately, I have been using The Last 100 Days instead. The issue with this though is the inaccuracy, as this is on the other hand a countdown to the first of August. But removing all technicalities, I am simply more than happy that 2012 has started out to be awesome. Here’s to hoping that my Looking Forward No. 4 entry, if ever I recall of writing it, will tell more tales of my current achievements. So far.


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