144,000 Minutes. Or Something.

Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking (and Ted Mosby) were both correct — time moves at different speeds. I swear that I still feel like it’s still December 2009: I’m undecided with what to do for my 21st birthday, I’m excited for Christmas, I’m worried sick of how I can cram my BS MSE thesis over the holidays, and so on.

I look at my calendar and woah, it’s almost May 2012 already.

Just a few minutes ago, I saw this tweet from RX 93.1’s DJ Jinri Park:

Today, I am actually starting a countdown too. One hundred days to go before I turn in a new chapter of my life. One hundred days to go to a whole-new five year journey. One hundred years of an independent quest for my wildest of dreams.

If you are going to do the math, 100 days from April 23 actually leads to August 1. I have no definite flight plans of leaving this country yet actually, though I am fully aware I have to be at New York State by August 13 at the most. It would be nice to visit people I know in other places, and I’m seriously considering leaving early. But for now I think August 1 is my earliest target. Anyway, be it that I’m still here at the Pearl of the Orient by first week of August or not, this countdown still matters. By that time I have my mind set on a lot of things already. No matter what, I still won’t forget the desire to come back and serve my homeland after my five-year conquest.

Lots of things run in my mind on what to do for these remaining 100 days (or 99, since I spent the hundredth kind of uneventfully). For one, I want to visit as much Philippine destinations as possible. That just will leave me penniless come August, and I actually need as much pocket money as possible. Right now aside while doing lots of paper works, I am slowly bidding my farewells to some of my friends. Be annoyed by my excessive excitement, I don’t actually care. Also, I want to dash off some items in my pre-thirties partial bucket list. I have actually done a few, but the Ateneo taught me magis so there.

But most of all, as I have pointed out in my bucket list, I want to tell something to someone before I leave. I want that person to know that in this five-year journey of chasing my dreams, my goals in life have always included her. True story. I’m just afraid of how long five years really is. Come on, including one leap day, that’s 2,629,440 minutes.

Then again, Einstein and Hawking (and Mosby) have been right all along. Time flows at different speeds. 2011, my Lenten period has come and go. My Easter season is right before my eyes; I just need to open that tombstone. And well, believe. So those million-minutes may actually just be a short period. Wait for me it.

Like Jinri, I really have no idea how to proceed with this countdown. All I know is I’m just excited. Lulundagin ko, beybeh! But no, I am not #foreveralone too haha.


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