Fourth Quarter 2011 Review

So there goes the first year of the second decade of the third millennium. Gone with the wind and the space dust. I did not like it that much but it has actually made me much wiser and much stronger. Lent always comes before Easter — this is the greatest lesson 2011 has taught me. My 2011 has been a series of Lenten-level sufferings and sacrifices.

This year (more on the latter half), I was extremely busy. You say you’re busy, hush up and look at my life first. Juggling two jobs, juggling a grand total of thirteen graduate units, and juggling four international applications all while I’m striking a balance to improve my social, personal, and spiritual lives. It’s good I’m able to still at least six hours a day. So with that, I am not going to make a yearly review like I’ve done previously for 2011. I think these four quarterly reviews will pretty much summarize my life thus far.


My Brighter October started with a four-peat victory of the Ateneo Blue Eagles over FEU always-the-bridesmaid-and-never-the-bride Tamaraws. It feels good to always have the world hear your passionate school spirit ringing out of you. My graduate school breaking-in continues with my first ever Masters-level exam week. Just like the undergraduate days, puyatan galore. For some reasons though, stress levels are much higher. At least at the end of October I was able to reconnect with my friends and my families, thanks to the semestral break. Rest of course, oh sweet rest.


Blasted November left me bankrupt as usual, with the need for me to pay for my TOEFL fees. Well, glad that’s over, with me snagging a high score. Speaking of high scores, I got high grades from first semester! What a way to assert my readiness for doctorate-level education. Aside from these, God blessed me with long breaks: a four-day weekend and a surprise sembreak extension.


My 23rd birthday highlights my Bold December. Since this holiday is most likely my last here in the Philippines for the next half-a-decade, I decided to spend it with the closest groups I’ve been with — co-workers from previous employer, Chem blockmates, TKG HS tropa, STC Board 0910, Masters blockmates, etc. Aside from that wonderful party at UPD IESM, I got another wonderful news from the Fulbright Commission. Of course, I want to pursue this thing, I’m really serious with this. Two out of four applications sent so far! Sorry, my credit cards.

All throughout this fourth quarter of 2011, friends who I met regularly kept on asking me this question I’ve been containing to myself (and probably to another person haha) for almost two years already. I hope this 2012, I manage to spit out what needs to be spat out, after all this may be my last eight months here in the Philippines…



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