Everyday I’m Catchin’ ‘Em

I’m roaming off the roads of Sinnoh,
I got me no escape rope.
I’ve conquered Kanto and Johto.
I collected all of the badges
From my way to the top I’m a Pokémon champion!

Aaaah, Pokémon, so timeless. Just some comments on this awesome video:

  1. Ash Ketchum, at 1:47 you should’ve turned your hat 180 degrees! That’s how a true Pokémon master does it. 😛
  2. Dawn, such a cutesy pose at 2:19! Super like.
  3. All in all, Dawn here is so pretty. At first I thought it was May though. How dare I call myself a Pokémon expert. Anyway, this Dawn will drive you to train hard your pocket monsters yo.
    Note that in the animé, both May and Dawn (and even Ash) are just ten-year olds. Okay, just look at how they are drawn. (If you play Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Advance and/or Diamond/Pearl/Platinum DS with a female character, you can relate with me. Anyway, no one’s complaining.)
  4. This video reminds me of our sexual evolution lesson for tropical ecology (ES202) class. Pokémon pun (or Poké-pun, whatever you like) not intended.

Lesson learned: Even though at 1:04 this video says “you don’t wanna mess with Samurott,” I’d say you don’t wanna mess with Psyduck MORE.


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