23rd Christmas and Birthday Wishlist

Updated as of 30 December 2011.

So Fifteen-to-Fifteen 2011 has officially begun and I just realized I haven’t made a wishlist yet. Last year I made one forty days before but now let’s just say I’ve been extremely busy. Or trying to be busy, depends on what you want to think.

Now, my 23rd birthday is something very special to me. If all things go well, this will be my last birthday in the Philippines in the next five years. I have lots of commitments though (graduate student, juggling two jobs, doctorand wanna-be, frustrated lover boy, etc.) so I’m really afraid I won’t have enough time. Well let’s see how that will go.

Again, items here are not in particular order. ūüôā This page shall be regularly updated too.

  1. Nintendo 3DS.¬†Following the loss of my NDS Lite, I told myself that I will be buying an N3DS this year. Unfortunately, I have this moral obligation to chase my dreams first. Anyway, good thing that happened though is that at least I was able to concentrate on my studies more this year. But then again, I’ll have an idle time from April to August next year… Hmmm.
  2. Nike Ateneo jacket and/or UP Adidas jacket.¬†Size S. Okay, I may have to give up hope on UP Adidas, as those things were at limited stocks only last 2008. For Nike Ateneo, not the one with “ATENEO” at the right arm, please. That thing with my alma mater’s name at the back is loads better.
  3. External hard disk, no power supply. 250 or 320 GB Seagate would do, I actually just want another EHD to save my Detective Conan episodes and movies (around more than 150 GB and growing!). If you are overflowing with Christmas spirit though, a 500 GB or 1 TB Seagate would be lovelier.
  4. Running shoes, size 9-10. I might have to give my 2006 Adidas running shoes some proper retirement already, but not running itself. For shoes, I prefer Adidas over Nike as Adidas shoes last a lot longer. NOTE: Just shoes would do, same size.
  5. Cargo shorts, size 33.¬†Yes, you may be surprised but true story, my waist has finally hit the 30″-mark and even went up three notches. Surprise me with this one!
  6. Slacks, size 33. Probably dark blue or a darker shade of grey. I like G-2000 slim slacks, hint.
  7. Diary of a Wimpy Kid bookset.¬†I asked this last year already and I hope this year’s the year! Happy with the softbounds already.
  8. This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life!!! 2012 planner. While I still collect for the Starbucks planner, I like this one more. I get this usually by myself, but be me guest if you want to! IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY ME THIS ONE, PLEASE INCLUDE A SWEET DEDICATION, THANKS!
  9. A very witty book. For example, Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks. You can have other titles though, surprise me bigtime!
  10. Black wallet with MANY card slots. Because I have LOTS of licenses yo. Haha. Preferably Girbaud so it will be durable. Hope I can bring it to NY next year.
  11. Concert tickets?¬†Heard Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry are going to the Philippines next year. I’d also like to see Simple Plan too!
  12. Harry Potter 1-7.2 complete DVD boxset. Okay, this may be the most expensive one. But if you get me this one, I promise to love you forever! ‚̧
  13. Once again, a date for my birthday.¬†And again, this message goes out to you, you beautiful lady. ūüôā

Or something off this list. Surprise me big time.

This list is short yet but I think for this year, these are just the things I like to wrap up the first year of the decade. Since this will be my last birthday for the next five years here in the Philippines, I’d like to spend the holidays with the people who matter the most to me. I’ve never been this broke, financially and other stuff-wise, but with friends, it feels like Christmas everyday. ūüôā


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