Third Quarter 2011 Review

Save for last year, the third quarter of every year has been a constant for me: UAAP basketball + everything-in-between of start and end of first semester (in other words, academic requirements galore). What makes the third quarter of the first year of the second decade of the third millennium unique however, is that it saw me go through that “everything-in-between-or-at-least-the-early-middle-parts-of-it” of my totally-independent life as a working Masters student. (And there, I’m attending graduate school already!) With an undeniably Filipino-scientist rate of a salary, I’m actually proud of myself that so far with all the bills and all the rent, I’m still able to same money. So yes, shame on you who earn thrice more than me and still claim you can’t save when clearly you’re still living with your parents. Okay sorry, I have a very short fuse with these types of people. If you’re one of them (and I’ve just made my version of a Sunday Mass homily to you), do me a favor and shut up.

Negativities aside, this quarter was a redeemer from my previous one which saw me almost crying in being rudely awaken. Well actually, this quarter has MORE rude awakenings (even higher in intensity of “rudeness”), but towards the end it gave me that spark of hope that things are and will still be alright for me. More hollowing out is the theme of this quarter. I’m happy that the right people appeared at the right place and at the right time when I needed them the most (some were noticing my depression sky-rocketing midway of the quarter). And as much as the Ateneo Blue Eagles snagged their fourth straight title crown (but I’ll give more credit to the fourth quarter for that), by end of the third quarter I got a pretty prize.


My Beautiful July officially marks the start of the UAAP season. As much as that 55-51 squeaker of Ateneo over Adamson was very much of a memorable event, lots of activities which transpired this month are now eternally etched in my brain. Academics-wise, there was my first ever long exam at graduate school. I was able to hang out with my brand-new blockmates too. July was also the month which signaled the twilight (yuck, not the movie series please) of my youth with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in iMAX 3D. Another epic UAAP game to cap of the month was an Ateneo-La Salle owning of the Katipunan Five. LAHAT NG PANALO AGAINST LA SALLE, MASARAP SA PAKIRAMDAM SOBRA. Gosh, I missed lining up SUPER EARLY just to get good Ateneo-La Salle tickets. Too bad that Ateneo is the host this season, so I learned a lesson of waking up even earlier (before midnight, to be exact). Finally, the month closed with despedidas. Yes I left already. And I was able to hang-out with my AteneoChem blockmates, finally. Haha sorry guys, always busy.


Broken August was my most stress-loaded month this quarter, partially blame it on midterm requirements, school and work. It was this month that my closest of friends saw me in my lowest point so far, commenting that it seems a herd of dementors just Kissed me, online and offline. True enough, the ultimate source of my pain this month is an old person who deserves not to be named or not to even be mentioned. (A series of cuss words follow here.) Bottomline and I will speak scientifically (but no this person won’t qualify as a scientist please), kindly check your data thoroughly before making any conclusions. Add to this was what made this month a real downer: I got into a fight (sort of) with one of my closest and most dependable best friends. (If you can read this dear, I know I’ve apologized already but I still owe lots to you.) This month was the best test of character for me, with my financial responsibilities piling up (but please my banks, send your credit card bills a lot earlier will you?). Even the two long weekends were not enough to calm my tired young soul.


Then after all the pain, here comes Blessed September. Turns out the only thing I need to do was to talk and meet with people who really care about me the most. This was my salvation month, much like how Ateneo redeemed its glory after being denied of a historic sweep by Adamson. With their words of wisdom and company, I was able to get through the next test in my life, and this time it’s a real non-school exam — the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE). To keep it short, I got the score I much wanted and needed. This month was also the first birthday of my niece, Zoey. Seeing how life, so young and spontaneous, presents itself in an image of a child, I am once again given hope. Here I was thinking my Project 480 will fail. But did I mention I got to meet someone who I think will affect me greatly in the next half-decade? Praise God for the surprise blessings. Truly, His wonders shine the brightest in trying times. We just have to patiently look for that match to light the candle. And well, for the UAAP championship… I’ll have it delayed to fourth quarter, seeing that Typhoon Pedring delayed the awarding of our four-peat crown as well. There, spoilers. Haha.

In summary, this quarter behaved as a cosine wave starting at the y-axis. I was on top, then down, then up again. Or in the middle. Three more months and this year which seemed to come so fast to me is finally over and done like dinner. I just hope that during that last quarter, my life behaves like a positive exponential curve instead. Cheers to happiness in chasing one’s dreams in life.


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