Yes, Merlin Was a Slytherin. And So Am I!

So last week, after a long wait which seemed like enduring double History of Magic class under Prof. Cuthbert Binns, I finally got my Pottermore welcome mail. Come to think of it, the delay may have been Errol’s fault, had the poor ancient owl been chosen to deliver my letter. Anyway, without hesitation I joined this online community of fellow magical people right away and within a few chapters and minutes of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, I finally got my wand.

(Okay warning, from here forward, the tone of this blog entry will be highly bragging so if you’re not cool with that, hit the X button of your browser to close this right away. Saves your day and mine.) 

Speaking of wand, what’s nice with Pottermore is that you get to see new JK Rowling exclusives which are actually relevant to the plot of the Harry Potter series. First (or actually second, first scoop goes to the Dursleys) new story-line: Mr. Garrick Ollivander’s obsession with wandlore research. It’s actually fascinating that this guy has a wife and children. Scientists in the Muggle world who are so into research actually have the life of being single as a valid option (uh oh). Anyway, the wand perfectly fits me, based on Mr. Ollivander’s research:

So there, unicorn core is not actually powerful oh boo hoo. But you know what, that actually suits me. I have this ideology (which I actually take from Jiraiya of Naruto) that it’s boring to use/train something strong as they barely have any improvements after. So something of the average is good for me. I can perfect it to near-perfection (even to perfect perfection, heck) by sticking with it, dueling those nasty Dark wizards like a boss (in Warioware haha). In other words, I am hungry for more.

Stubborn, check. But the aspect I’d like to point out more here is that “those… best suited to ash wands are not… lightly swayed from their beliefs or purposes.” First on beliefs: In the real world I don’t believe at all in supernatural beings. Unless I see some headless priest waving his translucent crucifix at me or a drop-dead gorgeous white lady in two-piece bikini shaking her booty to my direction, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE. I don’t really buy testimonies from people right away until I PERSONALLY see those things they see (which to date, I haven’t). My other beliefs plainly rely on scientific truth actually, being a scientist myself. Second on purpose: Well, it’s more of about my dreams, and as Mr. Ollivander warns, “the tendency is extreme if the core is of unicorn.” Wow this is a rare and desired long and hard wand I have (if you know what I mean, wink). Many have warned, even some of my relatives, but I won’t actually bulge. (Well fine, if that certain someone speaks maybe I will, but I may still need to convince her to join my side haha.) So far (not counting current financial issues), I’m still on the right track because I was born this way. Thanks Lady Gaga.

(Still reading this entry but you’re annoyed with the proud tone already? Don’t say I didn’t warn you, you Squib. Now this is your last chance else I’ll beat your ass with Dudley’s Smeltings stick.) 

Two more chapters and I find myself nervously sitting in the Hatstall, ready to be Sorted. Honestly, I was imagining myself getting Sorted in either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor when, voila:

To the shallow Harry Potter fan, this would be a major disappointment and he would’ve actually quit Pottermore right away and cried on mommy’s lap instead. But not me Sir. Gryffindors are the brave. Ravenclaws are the intelligent. And Slytherins are the DETERMINED. We seek for greatness. In other words, we are the children your momma wished she gave birth to. We dream wild and we dream big. Oh wait, I forgot the Hufflepuffs. There’s a circulating joke around the net that they’re “the rest.” Okay, no objections to that haha. (Sila na mismo kaya ang nagsabi.)

Hmmm, actually if Ateneo were a whole Hogwarts school, it would be Slytherin. Why? Five letters: M-A-G-I-S.

Okay, they may actually have a point. Slytherin House has produced tons of Dark wizards in history? What is to like? Well I’d say this: don’t assume unless you’re a physicist. Or a research alchemist at the Department of Mysteries. Don’t generalize too. He who says so is actually just envious that he did not end up in such great House. Now, great House I say? Here’s why:

Now that’s why. In one of the questions I chose to save Merlin’s research book instead of some dragon pox cure (reasoning that hey, we as wizards seeking for growth can move on to do more research on curing dragon pox whereas Merlin, we can’t reawaken him from the dead!). Who would’ve thought that I would actually be saving the work of a fellow Housemate I have admired ever since JK Rowling thought of Harry and his magical world.

I like this part. The thing about seeds of greatness and that Slytherins are brothers. So everyone has potential in this House. Everyone is destined to be great, even though it may not appear like that for now. But how does everyone do this? Not by one’s lonesome. Everyone helps everyone to attain that goal. Bayanihan in Filipino. Really, JK has no Filipina blood in her lol kidding.

I really fit in this House. For questions which involved me choosing the sea, I chose the sea. Well, I was raised by the beach, after all.

So there hello fellow Slytherins! Hello fellow Hogwartsians at Pottermore! Let’s keep brewing those potions while practicing constant vigilance for the arrival Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. (Okay, honestly, I can’t anymore haha.) But oh, be mindful of your Galleons. Remember, Gilderoy Lockhart will be your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher next year. You may want to save up on his b-something (quoting a young Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother) books. Haha.


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