Lesson from a Filipina at the World Youth Day 2011

Kritzia Santos, a Filipina, represented Asia in a question-and-answer portion with Pope Benedict XVI at the World Youth Day 2011 at Madrid. Here’s what she asked that actually is one of the biggest queries young adults like me have:

It is my desire to reach high goals, but success and big dreams are always linked to amassing wealth and high positions. How can I be faithful to my faith without distancing myself from society?
–Santos, before 1.5 million Catholics

In the Gospel, Jesus gives us an answer…Deep in our hearts, we yearn for what is grand and beautiful in life, but ground them in Jesus.
–Pope Benedict XVI

(Quote sources: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/08/21/11/filipina-represents-asia-qa-pope)

And yes, this struck me bigtime. Sometimes I am forgetting the most important piece of the puzzle — Jesus.

Father, give us Jesus, only Jesus, always Jesus. Blessed Maria Theresa of Calcutta’s simple but strong and all-encompassing prayer. As Josh Groban says, let this be my prayer. 🙂

I wish I can attend a World Youth Day celebration someday. Before I age, that is haha. Ecclesial definition of youth is for people aged 18-39, so I’m still in! 😛

And oh, I may disagree with the current pope on some Catholic issues, but this recent picture of our German Shepherd (pun not intended, but come on it’s cute haha) I like. 🙂

PS: In addendum, here’s a message of Pope Benedict XVI to the teachers of Madrid. I think this is also applicable to everyone.

Dear teacher, don’t limit yourself to pure technical knowledge, but help youth to discover the truth of human person.
–Pope Benedict XVI


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