No Classes Galore

Aside from the Ate Alma issue at the Ateneo, the local Twitterverse yesterday was flooded with calls of college students to their respective schools and to CHEd to make a decision right-away if classes are suspended or not today, July 27. In general, tweets from undergraduate and graduate students alike were at tones of frustration — at varying levels of intensity. Apparently, these tweets served as the spark plugs (posted between 9:30-10:30 PM of July 26):

Students have been impatiently waiting ever since, and late-night crammers who supposed-to-be have exams today are already losing their hopes. De La Salle University (DLSU) however, was the quickest to respond to the growing rants of students, and at around before 12:00 MN, it came up with this tweet:

As Juaning continued to roar across the country, the local Twitterverse was flooded more with frustrations of Ateneans and Iskos waiting for their respective school’s announcement. Rumor tweets then popped out, saying that the University of the Philippines (UP) system has already suspended classes at all levels. This seemed to be enough, now leaving only UAAP’s three-peat defending champions to make an announcement.

And FINALLY, at around a few minutes before 1:00 AM, Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) came up with this tweet:

That seemed to be enough and all the noise in Twitter was starting to die down, when suddenly, I heard of this “funny and cool” announcement from UP Diliman’s Chancellor Saloma over Twitter. I had to see it for myself and by wow, I was not disappointed:

“Keep trollin'” for the win! HAHAHA!

From the number of tweets, (eight as of presstime), the account was just recently made, in light of the annoyance tweets brewing on Twitter. But anyway, upon seeing this, my first reaction was: Chancellor Saloma, if this account is really yours, I’m seriously nominating you in the 2011 Nobel Prize for Physics awards. Even though that means I have to fly to Norway or Sweden. Well, fine, I may have exaggerated a bit. Haha.

The true-blue (or true-maroon) announcement from UP Diliman actually came in the latest at around 4:00 AM:

Now that settles everything. I actually have no classes today, but this news is sweet to me. I don’t know why haha.

Right after this tweet, UP gives a right-away update:

Aww, too bad. But imagine if it were actually him. He would be raised to the highest position in the “coolness pedestal.”

Prior to UP’s announcements (which actually will not be affected since the state university is an autonomous body), at around 12:30 MN, ExecSec Ochoa made this public announcement:

While this was supposed to be the “final answer” to all queries of ALL students, a handful were left in doubt, as it was not the President himself who made this announcement. This caused a certain celebrated journalist to flare up:

Ayan, ang kukulit kasi! Matulog na raw kasi at tama na ang cram. Don’t worry, next week tambak at naipon ang exams mo. Hahaha party!

Moral of the story: When says there are no classes, wala talagang klase. IS LAW. It’s been my reliable source of truth ever since fifth year college. Here’s proof (posted at exactly 12:00 MN):


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