My Childhood Ends on July 14, 2011

As the promotional materials say, it all ends. The eighth and final film in barely two weeks.

Last Friday, July 1, I rushed to SM North EDSA right after ES211 class to buy IMAX 3D tickets of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2. I was impatiently muttering sighs as the heavy traffic slowed down the speed of the jeepney I was riding. Thirty minutes of waiting seemed like eternity. I groped my bag and wished it was Hermione’s, giving me a one in ten chance that I can grab a Time-Turner. Afterwards, I dreamed of turning it six times, allowing me to go back to around the time I saw from the internet that IMAX 3D tickets of HP7.2 are already available.

Though technology (something the Wizarding world is deprived of) allows me to purchase tickets online, I realized that schedules for the July 13 midnight screening were not posted. Thus, the reason why I went to SM North EDSA after classes. Too bad I did not buy such early-screen tickets a month ago, as when I finally arrived at the ticket booth (which has long queues), I learned they were already sold out. Pffffft. Oh well, I got two July 14 tickets instead. At least I still get to watch it on the real first day. Though for a hardcore fan like me, it would mean A LOT to get a chance to watch the FIRST EVER screening of the flick. (And the last of course, Harry Potter deserves to be watched at least twice.)

And as I finally got hold of my Triwizard Cup in the form of two IMAX tickets, I realized that it really will end in two week’s time. My childhood and my magical journey to the world of wizards and witches.

I was Grade 5 when I started reading the series. By graduation of Grade 6, I have read the first four books. The fifth one was not released until I was third year high school. The sixth came when I was a college freshman. The final installment arrived via owl post when I was a college junior. During those times, especially when I was in grade school (and some points, high school), I actually believed that wizards and witches REALLY DO EXIST. I thought then that magic people were just hiding, as JK Rowling and the Ministry of Magic’s Statute of Secrecy say so. It was my crazy dream to actually discover the wizarding school in the Philippines (or Manila, at least) and go there for college or high school. After college, I planned to do graduate studies of advanced magic in a wizarding school, probably Japan or United States.

As I grew I snap back to reality more often that I feel I’ve been badly Splinched. The actors and actresses of the Harry Potter series aged as well. The person who got my attention the most was Emma Watson, who portrays Hermione Granger. By HP3 and HP4, during senior year high school, I began calling her “my wife.” HAHAHA crazy right? But yeah I had (actually proper verb would be “have” as I still do!) a big crush on her. Compared to when I was just ten or -ish I space out by imagining myself at Hogwarts, by high school I pictured myself flying home to Great Britain after class. HAHAHA. That would continue up to college (actually until now haha!) when I would plan of doing graduate studies in London or somewhere just to meet her. Remind me to drink a liter of Felix Felicis when I one day fly there.

I have a crush on Evanna Lynch (Luna Lovegood) too. Teehee.

Harry Potter’s world was my escape every time the mundane world gets boring. I never bored of reading the books again and again and again. Until now. I imagined Rowling would write three more books for Harry’s auror training/school since her work was/is really a big hit. Too bad she has no plans (well, as of press time, I’m still hoping haha) on such. (Well, except for Pottermore.) And so on July 14, my childhood comes to a close. Good bye to the magical world of Harry Potter, hello to the real technologically-advanced, fast-paced Muggle world. It’s time to grow up like Harry and Ginny Potter.

So on July 14, let’s all put our wands to the heavens and shout MORSMORDRE! for the last time. Hopefully, as I age with time, I’ll one day see owls flying frantically towards a certain direction. When that time arrives, I’ll get my Firebolt out of my closet and race with them.


4 comments on “My Childhood Ends on July 14, 2011

  1. Based on the picture of your ticket, we sat next to you during the screening. Next time, please put your phone in silent mode. Your texting was distracting to some viewers, myself included. If I wasn’t afraid I would miss something I would have reprimanded you right there and then, but that’s not the case. And BTW, you explaining the story to your friend was also too audible. Hopefully next time you’ll be much more considerate of other paying viewers.

  2. Yes. 9:20. Last night. You arrived just as the movie was about to begin. You texted twice, which would have been okay the first time, but you didn’t even bother to put your phone on silent once you realized that you had not done so (unless you really intended to not put in on silent, which I hope is not the case because that would be so much worse), so when you got another text, I was distracted from my viewing experience for the second time. My friends were too.

    • I see. From the bottom of my heart Ma’am, I’m really really sorry. I was texting my mother that time. Putting my phone on silent mode went totally out of my mind, but it was not intentional. I’m also sorry that my conversations with my friend were too audible. I hope you’ll accept my apology. Minus these, I also pray you enjoyed the flick as much as everyone did.

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