As much as the Philippine archipelago celebrated its 113th year of independence from Spanish rule, I had my own version. It was not much of a celebration though; more of a harsh (but somehow thrillingly and challengingly (if there is such a word) exciting) realization of how I will live the next years, decades, and scores of my life.

Last May 27, I said my final good byes to Casa Gatmaitan at La Vista. Casa Gatmaitan has been my home for half a year. As the name implies, it belongs to my mother-side relatives. My mother (and cousin) called that place as her home once during her early adulthood as well, but I believe I stayed there the longest in our family. I am so thankful to my uncle Tony G. and his family for letting me stay there. And boy, do I miss Manang Flor’s cooking. The best.

So why did I leave? One, my cousin and her family are moving in so we’ll be pretty crowded if ever. Two, I’m still enjoying the joys of my youth so I party hard until the wee hours of the evening (to the point na nakahihiya). Three, I just want to prove something to myself. I’m only 22 and my salary is not yet that big to sustain a lavish living, but I feel like I just need to experience this.

Part of Project 480, probably. By September of next year I will be earning around five or more times than what I earn now. But life-away-from-home would be very different, not to mention very costly. And of course, no more parents or yayas by that time. Just me, myself, I, and my studies. And work of course (which can interchangeably be used with studies).

So, kahit masakit, I decided to move out of Casa Gatmaitan. I looked for an affordable-but-comfortable place to live in for a year or so and I am happy to say I found a decent place. I will be sharing it with two more people in the future so that’s another adjustment for me. But all part of the transition process, as this might happen by Fall 2012 as well.

Total independence. Meaning all my expenses MINE. Rent, mine. Electric and water bills, mine. Phone bills, mine (well since last year pa ito actually). My everyday food, mine. Preparations for my food, mine. When it comes to pampering and looking after myself, it will just me, myself, I, and my credit cards until Project 480 is over. Well actually, by that time, another higher-level challenge of the same concept will present itself.

So yes, this is a warm-up course. Nonetheless, HELLO TRUE ADULT LIFE! 🙂


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