Looking Forward No. 2

Since the launch of Project 480, my Sundays have been spent sipping either coffee or jasmine tea here at Starbucks La Vista (save for those days I have a summer escapade, like next week) for ten solid hours. True story. I actually have my self-declared own couch here where my day begins with me plugging Stella to a nearby wall power socket. (To those wondering, Stella is my 2009 Toshiba L310 laptop. She was originally named Stan, but I realized soon that I gave my other gadgets female names. So, I came up with the “S” I can readily think of.) Today is somehow a bad start though, as some old woman took my usual place already. Worry not, I’m boxing out my usual coordinates five seconds after she decides to leave. Her fault and loss if suddenly she does some second thinking.

SO ANYWAY, why am I here? Basically studying. But not the studying thing that comes into one’s mind when one hears the term “studying.” What do I mean? Well, let me list the things I need to do for Project 480 before the month of May ends. And their status:

  1. Sign up for a Skype account (status: 100% done). I originally had no thoughts of doing this, but my friend Ian Ken insisted me. At first I assumed this will only be beneficial if I’m doing Project 480 Europe-style. For now I am doing it the Uncle Sam Way, so there you go. But my friend’s persistence was strong it actually started to annoy me (just kidding, IKD hahaha). So I decided to sign up last evening. A few test runs and I enjoyed a free overseas call with a two other friends. Technology: proud that I’m a scientist-engineer! And check this: I heard from yesterday that some schools in the Land of the Free will conduct an x-ray on you to check if you have a Skype account before you are admitted. God works in strange ways. Friends, add me: troyalivio. 🙂
  2. Finally get to decide where I shall take MS units this June (status: 29% done). To those asking (again), I’m taking some Masters units (either in Chemistry or Environmental Science) for around a year before September 1, 2012 so as not to put my neurons on standby mode. My school skills may also need some polishing. Anyway, I’m admitted at the Ateneo already, but I’m waiting or a big (actually make that venti-sized) decision from UP Diliman. Unfortunately, they did not connect with me last week. I’m hoping they do this next week. It’s really a major one I’ve been praying for lately. And yes, that big thing is very much-needed for my Project 480 short-term end-goals.
  3. Review for international exams: TOEFL and GRE General (status: 14% done). Bang, so that’s the reason I’m here at Starbucks LV every Sunday. This shall be the most crucial point of Project 480. I’ve been studying sort of lightly lately, so someone please put me under pressure (I work best when I’m on one). Also, to take the exams themselves, I have to create my ETS account. But I think I’ll do that by end of May to celebrate the demise of the fifth month of the new decade (yeah nothing really special, but no I don’t hate May 2011 — I actually love it to bits so far). Now another factor for the exams…
  4. Get a second credit card (status: 1% done). My first attempt to apply for a second one ended in utter failure so when an opportunity presented to me, I readily grabbed it. This week I hope for a yes. I need two credit cards (and the second one with HIGHER credit limit, please) to make online transactions easier. Turns out most Project 480 expenditures require the world wide web’s helping hand.
So there. A fairly decent Project 480 update for you all, hopefully. Now back to my real purpose here at Starbucks LV. Gahd, I stalled for an hour. Not that I was unconscious of it or made attempts to resist it though hahaha.

4 comments on “Looking Forward No. 2

  1. Why not get a debit card instead? Easier to get than a credit card, and it’s supposed to work the same way right? The thought just occurred to me now, and I just might do that. 🙂

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