Looking Forward No. 1

As part of doing Project 480, I will be writing blog entries titled Looking Forward during breaks and random spaced-out moments. At those times that my thoughts will fly off towards the Earth’s exosphere, I shall attempt to describe what drove them to flee my supposed-to-be focused brain cells. Warning: posts may be in high entropy.

For my first entry, here’s a list of what I want to do the first thing Project 480 is over. In other words (to those who are slow and still have no idea of what this thingy is), this is an enumeration of what I hope must be done within my first year overseas.

  1. Make new friends. Duh.
  2. Get an international driver’s license (plus the local state’s).
  3. And of course, get a car. A cheap but sturdy one would do. Just enough to get me to and from school.
  4. Buy a Nintendo Wii 2. And of course, the games.
  5. Ride a random train.
  6. Play with snow. Or the autumn leaves.
  7. Ski.
  8. Camp out.
  9. Go to a bar. Getting wasted is an option.
  10. Don’t get a haircut for around two to four months because it is expensive. (Hmmm…)
  11. Go to Disney Land or Disney World.
  12. Go fishing.
  13. Get a tattoo! (If I can’t do it here, that is. Oh and if the school is cool with it haha.)
  14. Share a Thanksgiving turkey to friends and colleagues.
  15. Buy a cat as pet (if my future home will allow haha). And yes, it has to be a cat.
  16. Observe a strict exercise regiment.
  17. Save lots of money! Enough for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics!
  18. Visit relatives, family friends, and classmates! 😀
  19. Go on a loooong road trip. Alone and/or with colleagues.
  20. Create a Skype account (finally hahaha)! Or maybe before I leave, if more people will insist. 😛
There you go. A lame list. You’ll see more over time until Project 480 is over. That just means I’m bored. And I want things to unfold already. Well, sort of.

One comment on “Looking Forward No. 1

  1. Your have a great list started so far. I love the idea of the road trip and saving up enough money for the Olympics. Good luck completing your goals 🙂

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