For Your Frenemies

Your frenemy passes by your direction. You are itching to stretch out your foot so that he trips on it — your typical practical joke. Your only problem is that we’re in the Lenten season and that would make you one bad person. Well here’s the solution, where you can even actually go live by the passage “love your [fr]enemies.” Just offer this to your frenemy and you’re sure to go to heaven. Literally and figuratively, with a slight possibility of getting one of your eyes blackened. Anyway, it’s three birds in one stone: you’ve helped your frenemy, gave drink to the thirsty (which is again from the Scriptures), and expressed your true feelings to him/her. Well, the last one depends on how good his/her comprehension skills are.

From Chito Miranda’s Twitter (@chitomirandajr). (Original link at Hahaha this is so funny and witty!

Alternatively, you can also give to your frenemy: TANG NA MOCHA.

Anyway, CBCP please don’t take me too seriously. I just find the season of Lent so gloomy that I want some cheering up. 🙂 But seriously.


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