Random Philosophical Meme No. 7

The last random philosophical quick blog post I did was written a year ago already. With an unexpected leave at work today, plus a few recent events (and un-events), I feel like reviving this old habit… Well at least for now. So let’s begin.

Living well is the best revenge.


Kill them with kindness.

Two simple quotes I encountered long ago, during grade school. At such a young age it meant just hugging my kagalit after we had this misunderstanding over a small toy (‘di na tayo bati!). For me then, it was just all about landing a spot in the class Top Ten — a rank my bullies can only dream of during their day-drooling.

As I climbed the scales towards adulthood, I came to understand the universal truth that one cannot please everyone — or at least get everybody to appreciate his actions. Along the journey, criticisms will be thrown at you — constructive and destructive. The option to immediately respond to those is beyond the scope of this quick post. As for the long-term vengeance, one has a choice: to get even by not exerting any amount of precious effort to the moron who talks of one as trash.

It’s just simple. Total ignorance yet constant vigilance. A no-brainer formula. Never let those harsh words negatively affect how awesome you are already. Actually, set up an invisible leeching shield so that every trash thrown at you is absorbed positively and adds up to your total chakra. Do well in what they think you’re crappy at. And it is a must to do better than your current state. Continue incrementally adding awesomeness in your blood vessels until it outpours from your pores and drowns that jerk.

Yet with that evil plan, I never mentioned about stepping on his dignity. He’s a total imbecile but he’s still human my friend. So don’t get your AK-47 and shoot him/her after that process I just explained. Pretend nothing happened recently and just be kind to him/her. Treat him/her to a movie, have lunch with him/her, and gift him/her a gift during a totally random occasion. Anything that will make him/her think you’ve totally gone haywire. Soon enough s/he’ll get all out confused that s/he’s completely left dumbfounded. And that’s where you win. Better than actually murdering him/her. Plus you feel a lot better than being a true criminal. (Duh.)

To make this short post shorter, I just mean don’t ever get even. Go on with living life. Enjoy being yourself. But if you can’t really help but to exact revenge, just prove them wrong by being a better person. Never stoop down to their level.

In a sense, what I thought of during grade school is still applicable up to my age now.

In my last quick post, Random Philosophical Meme No. 6, I had a quote from Setzer Gabbiani of Final Fantasy VI Advance:

Whenever you think you’re right, you’re wrong. And that’s a big mistake.

I’ve always said that only physicists have the right to make assumptions and assumptive statements in this universe. If you’re not, save your breath. For now however, let’s suspend that thought. I am giving the reader the opportunity to assume whether this latest post has a connection with that quote from FF6 or not.

Master Para out.


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