First Quarter 2011 Review

Every end of the year, I do these “flashback blogs” to recall how I journeyed with and against life for the past 365.25 days. Penning your very own chronicles is a very hard task, it actually takes me an entire day (usually New Year’s Eve) to remember everything (and to upload the memories). Nonetheless it’s fun and thanks to the archiving feature of blogs (like WordPress), I can go back to them any time and enjoy how fate and destiny have treated me in the past years (not counting of course those hours which I have to type the entries themselves).

Starting this decade however (or at least this 2011, I can foresee a terribly busy lifestyle during the late half of this ten-year period), I’ll attempt to make things easier by providing a summary of how the quarter of each year has been. I still believe though that the year-ender blog deserves the justice for the specifics of the events, so I will just give here general pictures, or at least themes that the three months have in common. Gulp.

Anyway here I go.


The first ever month of the decade came of as practically Boring January to me. No parties, no gimmicks, no hang-outs. Well, not counting the Pascuallab 2011 Kick-off Rally and LAC Farms 2011 Kick-off that is. Nothing grand happened to my active social life. God, however has ways to turn those illusions into something else. This month with the seemingly absence of all the fun, I began to seriously focus on applying for PhD schools in the USA. For a solid week (and a whole day), I spent all my online hours searching and applying to well-renowned science schools in America. Well, I admit I may have done online-applying too much, as for something which I got last March which I won’t bother sharing anymore.  Given the lack of funds, I also looked into external organizations for help and was not disappointed. At some point, my geeky heart was also smashed to smithereens by some superiors (I will not elaborate though), but I think that’s fairly okay, as long as it will transform me into a better person. January thus was my Advent for the added awesomeness to come into my life and at the same time, my Lent for the sacrifices I have to make to reach my dreams. Well not only January 2011. The whole 2011 will be my preparatory year.


The main highlight/s of Bankrupt February would probably be my hang-outs with my high school barkada (TKG Tropa). After many years of not being regularly in touch (well, fine months, since our last bonding was just December 2010), I was able to reconnect with them and catch-up with their lives. It’s cool to know that almost everyone of us is employed already and a handful are like me, considering postgraduate studies. This month also saw me losing my Nintendo DS and all my game cartridges. It was very rough for me but I was in the end able to stomach it. While it felt like a big chunk of my soul just got ripped out of me, it was a harsh lesson for me nonetheless to say adieu to my childhood and teenage-hood. I’ve finally come to full grasps to being an adult and it’s high time I focus on things that ought to be done, especially for next year and the next five after it. Indeed, I was able to look more on things and by the end of February, I was able to meet with American graduate school personnel. Those who are not admitted to our school are those who do not bother looking up for us, given today’s internet. True. Looks like I forgot some valuable lesson I learned last January. My bad.


More reconnections were done on Break-free March starting with another tropa inuman. You see, when one of your best friends in the world just came out of a very terrible situation (specially if until now, he is being pestered, bad timing with his upcoming licensure examination), the most sensible thing to do is to comfort him and say out loud, LET’S DRINK TO THAT! More personal aspects of our lives were inspected here — even my big dreams and tiny frustrations in life were unearthed. Everything was for the good though. Alcohol flows in our blood but so does friendship. They say blood is thicker than water, I say friendship is more viscous than alcohol. Aside from that, I was also given the chance to go back to what I enjoyed doing during my undergraduate life — student leadership. I was given a short (but wonderful) time to briefly speak in front of our country’s most passionate future breed of leaders. I was simply inspired by how determined they are with their dreams (given they are just fresh college graduates). Maybe the industry has taught me enough lessons. I feel like going back to school real soon. Seriously. That’s why this March I’ve been on the road scouting for schools and/or institutions who will adopt me as I transition into this preparatory year. Lastly, the Sundays of March saw me being a good sport of an aging uncle as I play with my nephew via his PS3.

In summary, the first quarter of 2011 was all about reconnecting. I’ve been thinking too much about life that I have forgotten to smell the flowers and to appreciate the people I’ve enjoyed life with. I’ve forgotten to stay connected with my dreams, given the many things I was too occupied with. The first ever three months of the decade taught me to take back things to ground level and start the real plan. That plan is something indirectly crafted with the people you adore though. And that’s the beauty of life.


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