Pre-Thirties Partial Bucket List

In seven years’ time, I’m about to enter what Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother calls “the big 3-0.” Hopefully, by that time I’ve realized majority of my professional dreams. Before that however, here are a number of plain and crazy things I want to do along the way, prior to coming to grips with the bitter truth of adulthood. And I pray not, quarter-life crisis.

I will try my best to do most of these before I fly abroad for PhD studies (which is pretty soon?! Haha.). (I will be updating this post as soon are stuff are done.)

  1. Get a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Chemistry degree. Or a PhD in Environmental Sciences. No, make that “And/Or.” Hahaha. My ultimate dream. If the tides go well, I’m leaving this country before Fall 2012. I’m really praying hard (but apparently not preparing well haha)! Right after (around 2017), I hope to get an MSc in Social Psychology as well. Oh and an MBA would be nice. So when am I gonna marry the girl of my dreams? Well, life’s too short and there’s a lot of things I don’t know yet, so on to studying! PhD is the key!
  2. Deliver a toast during a friend or a mentee’s wedding. So am I really admitting old age already to the point that I think my future mentees will even get married before I do? Not really, just in case. Note, this is a pre-thirties bucket list. Once again, HIMYM inspired me with this. Who knows, through that I can likewise share my own how-I-met-your-sexylicious-and-awesomestsomest-mother story to my kids.
  3. Drive at beyond speed limits and avoid getting caught. I’ve been too much of a responsible defensive driver. Enough of that already haha. Target places are NLEx, SCTEx (speed maximum of both at 100 kph/62 mph) and Commonwealth Ave. (speed maximum at a boring 60 kph/37 mph). And speaking of expressways…
  4. Drive round-trip, nonstop NLEX. So that’s from the Dau Toll Plaza to Balintawak or Mindanao Ave. Or probably a shorter one, like Tabang-Balintawak, but nonstop.
  5. Get lost at SCTEx. More likely during the late evening, for added thrill. I’ve been travelling a lot via SCTEx A LOT OF TIMES with my family (and friends) but I still find the Labyrinth of the North very confuzzling. You have to prepare beforehand where to enter and exit. Bizarre! And speaking of driving…
  6. Order via drive-thru without a car. As in just pop out by the delivery window and tell my order, pay, get my food, then leave. We had this as challenge in during my Fil12 class in Ateneo for papel pagsasalaysay, but I did not do this for I was just a wee teenager then. Now, I’m a tween and I’m gonna nail it.
  7. ENTER A STRIP CLUB! Because I am HIMYM‘s Barney Stinson in real life. True story. Of course, I want a place which is literally and figuratively clean. I want to do this with my high school barkada, preferably. Soon, we’ll be preparing bachelor/stag parties for each other so this shall be a good practice. And future pastime/habit haha. While we’re at strip clubs…
  8. Get wasted real bad then attempt to commute home alone. Yeah, you saw it COMMUTE. No cars to drive or to ride. I’m in the process of increasing my alcohol tolerance though, so I can enjoy more rounds with friends before half the population of my neurons are dead. In the process though, bawal and sumuka at umihi. I’ll abide to that haha.
  9. Jump from Upperbox A to Lowerbox during a UAAP Seniors’ Basketball game. While I am confident to get Upper A tickets, I only get Patron entries very occasionally. Thus, why not stick to where I am more sure to get a seat? But let’s face it, the angle is better at a closer distance so why not do the jump? As Lily Aldrin in HIMYM says, “TAKE A LEAP!” And speaking of basketball…
  10. Watch an NBA game live! And or a fellow Filipino’s boxing fight in the United States! Again, this will be done abroad, when I attempt to get my PhD. Hopefully I can get an autograph as well!
  11. Camp out in the forest/mountain. Sadly, most of my nature adventures were just day trips, so I really am missing setting-up tents, making fire from wood, etc. When I finally become a legen -wait for it- daddy LEGENDADDY, this is one of the things I want to tell my son.
  12. Get a tattoo and/or a body piercing. Might stick to the first one though, with a favorite Japanese quote or at least some significant kanji. Or an image of Garfield. When I also get to choose the second one, I prefer to have both my ears pierced and wear plain circular metal earrings, like those Nara Shikamaru in Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden sports. Either way, I’ll do this in the cleanest, most “clinical” place I can find. (I used to tell my Mom I really want to get both my ears pierced. She said not until I’m fat, since they won’t look nice on my seemingly-malnourished body. Now, I am fat hmmm haha.) Now, moving on to “healthier” options…
  13. Jog around Ateneo and/or UP Diliman at midnight. I haven’t done that walking at Ateneo’s Paseo de Reily in the dead of the evening, so I’ll do this to coincide with my healthy living self-campaign.
  14. Bike at full throttle at Katipunan, Commonwealth, and/or other “hazard-prone” roads in the Metro. I’ve partially done this last year when I went back to my office to retrieve my condo unit keys. Biked counter-flow along Katipunan, passed my CP Garcia getting drenched in mud, then cowardly dragged my bike along Commonwealth’s (lane bound for Fairview) sidewalk. This time around (and with a helmet now), I want to race against big trucks and speeding collorum buses. And since we are talking of roads again…
  15. Ride standing at the back area of a jeepney. Free cheap ride for the win. I’ve done this already when I was young but for only seconds. I want it done this time along a really dangerous highway, with a very long route.
  16. Make a round-trip aboard PNR. This was supposed to be done with a friend last year before he left for Germany *cough IKD cough* but due to time constraints, this was not pushed through. Now regardless of whether I have company or not, I’ll do this one crazy weekend. At any rate, I might actually get to see those new stations added, which is better.
  17. Make a round-trip aboard Japan’s mag-lev trains. I’ve always adored the science of how shinkansens work but I’ve never been able to ride one so far. Soon I will! Now that we’re talking of foreign lands…
  18. Watch the Winter Olympics live. This will be easier done when I’m abroad studying for my PhD already. I’m kinda confident I can do this. I want to watch Winter Olympics over Summer because sports done there are the ones I am hardly familiar with. I won’t however say no to the opportunity of watching Summer Olympics live though. And the World Cup of course, though I am not really a hardcore football fan.
  19. Spend an evening atop the Empire State Building. And if this is with someone, hopefully it’s with the woman I truly adore. If I need to save up money for her to come with me, then by all means. At any rate, it’s okay if I’m alone as well, maybe I can try the He’s Not Coming trick from Barney Stinson’s The Playbook. Either way, this will be done when I am studying for my PhD too, obviously.
  20. Preserve a snow flake using cyanoacrolate science. Basically I’m referring here to what Dr. Leonard Hofstatder did in The Big Bang Theory, him using 1% solution of polyvinylacyl resin. I want to do that with my own hands.
  21. Play in Macau’s casinos for the whole day. Again when I am already abroad and loaded with lots of well-saved money. I have tried a bit here in the Philippines but I want to experience the thrill outside of this country. And speaking of whole day, back to my mother land…
  22. Spend the whole day at a carnival like Star City or Enchanted Kingdom. Ride all you can check! This time I will max out my entrance fee’s worth. I want to feel young before I leave the sweetness of youth.
  23. Make that “rice-cooker bread” from Yakitate!! Ja-pan. I’ve been meaning to do this since forever already, but I can’t seem to find the right time. Since this will eat up lots of electricity though (procedure requires to keep rice cooker on for MANY hours), I plan to do this in a place where I get to freely leech electricity. The bread is delectable, as the show says! And I believe them haha. (Since they really made a video of a real-human baker prepare this.)
  24. Randomly check-in a hotel for a day, all alone. Inspiration (or not) comes from my ChemBoards experience, where my blockmates and I booked in at Manila Opera Hotel for three days, since the test venue is at MLQU, thus within the same vicinity. A blockmate dared we do this again for nothing in particular but before I do that, I’d like to look at it on my own first. As in I’ll just rot inside the hotel room, abusing the wi-fi, pigging out at random foods, and basically just having all the time of my life by my ultimate lonesome. Believe it or not, it’s a different story versus renting a pad alone.
  25. Sky-dive. From my Sky Experience “ride” at Cebu. (I’m a native of Cebu but it’s just last year that I was able to go to that place!) The fear of losing your life is only at the beginning, but once you’re there in the middle already, you can’t help but feel as if you’ve achieved a big goal in life.
  26. Scuba-dive. Just because I haven’t done this yet. I want to see ’em corals and fish territories down the ocean floor. I also want to “feel” the tremendous pleasure below sea-level. And attempt to qualitatively measure it, behind gears of course.
  27. Scribble a random note in a library book. This will be done both here in the Philippines and abroad. Wait for it!
  28. Join an outreach program. Mom told me to be a member of the NGO, but I’ve been neglecting this. Meantime, I wish to participate in other efforts sponsored by groups I am currently affiliated with. Our company’s or those of my former schools.
  29. Synthesize luminol. I’ve always dreamed of being a private detective, thanks to Detective Conan and Sherlock Holmes.
  30. Get an autograph of Dr. Richard F. Heck, 2010 Chemistry Nobel laureate. Because I am a chemist and I want to be a good one like him. Good news, he resides here in the Philippines! Though to date, I missed like two seminars he attended. Unlike.
  31. Do a wild, eye-burning marathon of Harry Potter 1-7.2 movies. This will be done mid-decade, during a boring, unproductive weekend at my future school library. As of press, time, HP 7.2 hasn’t shown in the big screen yet. And so come 2015-2016, I will be reminiscing the good times of my youth and childhood, remarking how awesome life would truly have been if magic really existed. Incendio!
  32. Tell something to someone. Now, this should actually be on top of the list. I WILL (or NEED TO) do this before I leave abroad for PhD studies. Not just the day before, but like months prior to. But I really promise to do this. By that time, as I write in letters, “I look forward for your positive and immediate response.” Ahihihi. Yeah, baby ‘coz my bags are packed, I’m ready to go. I’m already leaving on a jet plane. But fret not, I do know when to get back again…

…Though it will take me long! Starting this Lent, the celebrations and activities I will be doing here in the Philippines might be the last I’ll take part into for the next five to seven years (at the maximum). I will truly miss a lot.

So, seven more years. By that time, three letters should already have attached themselves after my surname. This is gonna be legendary!

There you go, my partial pre-thirties bucket list. I’ll be adding more as time flows, but in a separate entry. 🙂

LAST UPDATE: 10 April 2011


9 comments on “Pre-Thirties Partial Bucket List

  1. I like the “Check into a hotel for no reason” one. I’ve often thought about doing that, just to have a little getaway without really going anywhere. I may have to look into that one…

  2. 5. I think I can help you with this one. I know a nice, clean place. haha hindi siya strip club though

    9. Na-tetempt din ako kumuha ng tattoo! pero i have to think long and hard about this (and get the approval of parents)

    10. Let’s!

    14. I wanna do this, too!

    20. I stayed at Manila Opera Hotel with my teammates last year, super fun dun! i wanna go back! haha

    • Holla, Mina!

      5. Hahahaha ano yan, please tell me pa rin! Baka magawa nanamin ito soon eh.
      9. My parents don’t really sponsor the idea, but okay lang naman sa kanila. Haha labo.
      10. Tara!! When are you free?
      14. I’m saving up to go to Osaka this year! But I’m not in a hurry naman! Tara rin? Hahaha.
      20. Opera’s the place I’ve been thinking to check-in again, actually. Fun sa amin yung third day. Inuman na lang kami without worrying kung pasado kami or hindi. That evening, nung checked-out na kami yay pasado pala kaming lahat. 🙂

  3. MAN! let’s get a tat na! we know a place that does celebs tats and 3 of my barkadas have gotten theirs there! I might get once within April! 🙂 just before I hit the beach kasi 2 weeks no swimming! hahaha 🙂

  4. You can drive 100kph on katipunan. if youre coming fron santolan intersection, just slam the gas till you reach the foot of the katipunan flyover. of course, you need to avoid car obstacles (i.e. swerving and cutting). it’s very doable 😛
    you can also do it the other way around (i.e. from Elizabeth Hall to Santolan intersection). That’s a lot easier because it’s a longer stretch. best to do that when its around 12 midnight or 1 am, but beware of drunk drivers 😛

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