Paalam Sugarfree!

Even the heavens exposed its sad feelings as last March 1, 2011 the Pinoy band Sugarfree performed their last ever concert Paalam Pilipinas at Eastwood. Like Bamboo, the said band is now disbanded.

(Photos from my album Ateneo Blue Roast 2010 on Facebook.)

Right after work, I went to Eastwood to catch Ebe, Kaka, and Jal (and Mich) together for the last time. I was actually already there with a handful of people when they were doing some sound check. My eyes got teary in an instant.

Sugarfree has been in my playlist for the past decade, as in dating back to high school. They have the songs perfect to any mood I am currently in. They have the best themes — be it in love, family, or simple life musings. It’s so sad to see them go. But then again life must go on. All we can do is heed Ebe’s request of letting the band live by always playing their music. And yes, I’ll definitely have my future kids hear their awesome music (as much as what my mom did to me.)

Definitely one of the best of the best local bands. 🙂

As a personal thank you to them, I’m posting here my most favorite Sugarfree song.

Mabuhay ang OPM!


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