On Losing My Nintendo DS and on Learning Things the Hard Way

This Saturday to Sunday, I was painfully reminded of an old lesson I had during Commitment Theology (Th151) — being hallowed/emptied out to the core towards a future role in life. My ex-teacher’s favorite would be Moses. You see, prior to Moses becoming a grand savior of the early Israelites, he was the prince of Egypt. When God decided it was time to call him, he was stripped off his royalty. In no time, he was a criminal running for his life.

This Saturday lunch time, I lost my Nintendo DS Lite and along with it ALL my game cartridges. It pains me big time to lose my five-year old toy, especially since it was something got for me when she went to USA last 2006. As for most cartridges, they were the ones I saved my money for. Sometimes I ate the lightest lunch just ti buy the games I wanted. And in just a blink of the eye, they were all poof and gone. All my childhood and youth gone with the wind.

I have to admit, my Nintendo DS Lite has been so far the BIGGEST distraction to my recent applying to PhD schools abroad. Admittedly, there’s this part of me that lets my guilty conscience shut up. At 22, I don’t feel like I want to grow old yet and take more responsibilities. I feel like being attached to my simple gadgets and just like that. I feel like I want to be forever young!

Then again that was what our elders today experienced too. They were able to overcome it somehow. I don’t know how hard but they managed to. If they were not able to, we would’ve ceased to exist.

Moses feels so damn good with his seat as Prince of Egypt, yet he was stripped off all his superiorities to “let [God’s] people go.” Everything was nice way up there, but by being humbled, he was able to get a better view and focus of the true world out there. He was able to hear the concerns of his fellow Israelites, and he was able to lead them back to that land “overflowing with milk and honey.”

As for me, I lost my DS along with Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy, among those on the top of my list. Maybe God hits to me that it’s about time I get my REAL FOCUS on my dreams. Even if it means losing something like a total of PhP 15,000-worth of games and gaming console. Maybe it’s time I get REAL SERIOUS with this applying for a PhD thing. I’m boiling now with the desire and drive to get and finish my doctorate already so that I can soon be loaded with cash enough to buy gaming consoles! Hahaha, I kid. Well, I’m considering that, but seriously, maybe it’s high time I embrace the harsh reality of adulthood already.

Deep inside I still can’t accept this so-far-one-of-the-most-tragic event in my life. Then again, hopefully God will show me the way. Or at least show me where my DS is right now haha! If this means that God has decided to start hollowing me out for my greater good, then His will be done. I’m not yet ready but I have to be. I’m scared but I shouldn’t be.


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