Promises for 2011

New Year, time to make those so called “resolutions” again. This 2011, I would like to propose an experiment instead. For this entry, I am going to enumerate all that I want to do for myself throughout the year. 364 days from now, I am going to make an analysis on how successful I was. Let’s see if I have leveled down at last from being a pro at the non-observance of “New Year resolutions.”


  1. Continue exercising regularly. I’ve established a routine of doing nightly runs already and by next year I want to increase my speed and distance. I might also do some weights already.
  2. Appreciate eating veggies and seafood more. Our food in La Vista includes vegetables and fish MOST OF THE TIME, if not always, for my Uncle Tony’s health. As I’m a good nephew, I attempt to eat them of course. I am somehow successful, well at least by my carnivorous standards.
  3. Sleep a lengthy slumber every evening — six hours SHOULD BE the minimum. Hohoho, good luck with this one.


  1. GET ENROLLED IN A PhD SCHOOL ABROAD OR DIE TRYING. My ultimate goal. I want to spend the holidays abroad, freaking yeah! Seriously, the earlier I get my doctorate, the better. The faster I get it, the happier I am. Of course, a lot of documents are needed, an Everest of money must be saved. The earliest hopefully is November this year, the latest is before the London Olympics next year starts (if I get enrolled in Europe, I may be lucky to get a glance at the event!). But while waiting, I plan to take some units already this year. Ateneo and UP Diliman are in my list, in order of priority of course (One Big Fight!).
  2. Develop more research skills. Through work and reading journals of course. The road to being a good scientist takes lots of experiences, failures make up more than 75% of them. So I am not quitting!
  3. Restudy Nihongo. My Japanese vocabulary is sadly disintegrating to nothing, so I may need to read my Genki I and Genki II again. No, I am not enrolling in a language school, waste of time as of press time (I don’t want to ask money from my parents anymore!). Pure self-study.
  4. Read studies on sociology, social psychology. Learn another language. If I have time. But after PhD Chemistry, promise, I’m taking MS Sociology. Okay, this part I’m reading after 2020 or something. Haha.
  5. Redevelop leadership techniques. I miss the student council already!!!


  1. Develop a deeper devotion to Mama Mary. Mama Mary is not God, I know that. But all prayers, when interceded through her, are more powerful. Trust me. Proof: Wedding at Cana (John 2: 1-11). It’s been thanks to her (and St. Jude) that I was able to get my professional license.
  2. Be more critical with my faith and all those Catholic/Christian doctrines. Thank you Social Theology (Th141) for equipping me with the basic skills. At this age, we must all be able to discern what is good for everyone without violating human dignity and misaligning our desires to God’s will. Traditions for traditions’ sakes are not acceptable for me, especially if it means unnecessarily overpopulating the globe.
  3. Find God in simple things. Like St. Therese of the Child Jesus. She offers even her picking of dirt to God. I want to live a life like her and Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta. And of course, St. Ignatius of Loyola. I want to know what my true desires are. Probably that will make my restless heart go at peace.
  4. Do more philosophical reflections. I actually was at a peak during the third quarter of 2010, but ChemBoards made me stop. I’ll attempt to re-establish it this year.


  1. Expand my network more and more and more. Always my yearly goal. 🙂 I’m really happy for the new friends I make every turn of the calendar.
  2. Strengthen relationships and bonds. Trust is something developed over time, even for those who’ve been best friends for 40 years already.
  3. Show more care for the environment and for Filipino nationalism. Using my course(s), and what I’ve learned after graduation.
  4. Increase my level of independence. As much as I really enjoy life in La Vista, I want to have a place of my own, even a condo-for-rent (let’s try to get a rent-to-own, Mommy and I regretted we did not do this early!). Then, in contrast to what they’ve done for six years, I want my parents not to pay for all the bills. I want to shoulder them all. Uh-oh.
  5. Be more updated with current events. So far Noynoy’s cabinet is doing a good job. As for Mr. President himself, he needs to earn my respect more. I still want Gibo (or Gordon) running this country that him. Yeah, I’m still disappointed, as much as I am lately with Barack Obama.
  6. Travel more! I want to get my first international visa for my recently renewed passport! Let’s try Osaka, Japan! Hopefully the Japanese embassy and Cebu Pacific both cooperate. Please please please! But while we’re waiting, let’s also explore the very beautiful country of the Philippines. I have many provinces to go to yet! 🙂
  7. Party more! And while we’re at it, increase MORE my alcohol tolerance. Believe it or not, it did quite a bit last 2010.
  8. Be more thoughtful.


  1. Find a good side job, which is related to teaching or research. No marketing stints for the meantime please. 🙂 So far I can’t get a tutoring job which starts 4PM, so sad. But if you can find me?
  2. SAVE LOTS OF MOOLAH. For my graduate school exams, for outings, and simply for good things which I want to buy (not yet a house and lot though). I’m opening a savings account (and probably a time deposit) this year. Oh, and I am getting a credit card too haha.
  3. Look for good small business collaborations. Anyone here need a chemist? Licensed here! 🙂 Also a materials engineer! Hahaha meh.

And so the list goes on. There are actually two more in the “social” category (one which involves cockroaches and one which is about over-artsy things I speak and act), but I’m not putting them down for now. If you’re my close friend, you may actually know them. 😉 Yeah, once again I am attempting to do them. Hopefully, not in vain this time. Though let’s not really hope haha.

For now, those are the things I want to subject to experimentation. Come December 31, 2011, I’m evaluating this on top of my annual year-ender blog. Let’s see how I fared.

As my long-lost twin Barney Stintson would say, THIS YEAR IS GOING TO BE LEGEN –wait for it– DARY!

Awesomeness Barney Stinson


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