December: The Merry Month of Ironies

Everyone looks forward to December, the last month of the Gregorian solar calendar. It’s that time of the year when the cold zephyrs blow strong once again — the perfect opportunity to either give a loved one a very warm hug or for the bachelor to just spend twelve to eighteen hours of a good night’s sleep.

This year officially marks the start of my holiday celebrations as an adult — independent living (or at least as I look at it), spending money from work salary, and free from the obligations of college. The latter part is what I enjoy the most, as for the past five years, my Christmas breaks were just illusions of grandeur — academic requirements kept me busy and away from the refrigerator.

What I’ve observed is that the Yuletide is actually a season of ironies. Allow me to present to you my findings as a scientist:

  1. The celebration of Christmas is not really Catholic/Christian at all. (Heck, the term “Yuletide” is actually Pagan!) Scientists claim that Jesus was actually born on the Jewish month Ethanim (September-October). The date of his date is accurately celebrated though (Jewish month Nisan, March-April). Well, the commemoration of Lent (and Easter) is based on the phase of the moon, but why not Christmas? As I discussed previously (see links), Christmas was scheduled on December 25 to erase all Pagan practices celebrated at that time. Who cares about salvation when you can have orgy instead? Well that was the mentality way back then, so dear Pope Benedict XVI, please don’t ex-communicate me!
  2. Everyone suddenly goes out of their diet and exercise routines which they’ve all worked out well during the year. I’m a victim here. While I regularly do evening runs (well, after my second graduation) I suddenly stopped when December arrive. As for food, well I have no diet whatsoever for that territory haha.
  3. It’s the holidays, but everyone’s the busiest this month. All yearly accomplishment reports are done during December, of course, it being the last month! Yet again, especially for results-based work, all activities are stuffed during this season. Not really your idea of a break eh? I remember my fourth and fifth years. Had to do my thesis at Ateneo during the Christmas break.
  4. Godparents seem to forget the names of their godchildren. To those who forgot to save money (aguinaldo) for their little kids, or to those who just want to hide for the sake of hiding.
  5. Suddenly everyone’s bankrupt. Even with a full December salary on top of a Christmas bonus and a thirteenth month pay. Suddenly the whole world seems to go into a trance and everyone gets the impulse to shop. To not to visit the mall on December is a capital sin.
  6. Everyone’s out of funds but everyone’s happy. It’s only this month that this is true. After all, gifts and food are everywhere! The family is bonded! And above all, Jesus is the reason for this season!

And the list goes on, as we look into each other’s lives. What all people on Earth should remember is that on this day, everyone commemorates the arrival of Salvation. 2010+ years ago (on September-October of course), this night shone the brightest. That is the final irony of Christmas, after all aren’t evenings supposed to be erm, dark? Yet at that night, Jesus Christ redefined the meaning of evening by adding light to it, through His humble birth in a manger.


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