Believing in Santa Again

I rarely post my after-episode insights of the TV series I regularly watch, but this week’s Glee episode (S02E10, A Very Glee Christmas) will be the first exception. After watching their very last episode for 2010, I can’t help but remember Fr. Johnny Go’s homily for the ninth Sunday of Misa de Gallo 2009 at the Church of the Gesu.

Everyone stops believing in Santa and his supposed-to-be magic when one reaches the latter half of his grade school days. As for me, I pretended to continue believing until Grade  8 so I can still extract Yuletide gifts from my parents. (Ironically, I always tell them that it is only during the ber months that I believe in Santa Claus.) When I entered high school, mom told me that St. Nick was long dead and we don’t actually have a chimney in our house nor can Santa walk through walls, like Nearly-Headless Nick (whom he shares the same first name).

Yet from that anticipated evening of December 23, 2009, the prophet Zechariah reminds us that Santa can still continue existing in our hearts. Scientifically speaking, he cannot hope to impregnate his wife, Elizabeth (or any woman for that matter) anymore, due to his (and her) old age. Still, he believed in magic and continued anticipating in delight. In His time, God rewarded the old couple with John the Baptist. Zechariah was the happiest man then — too happy that anyone could say he might already be suffering second-childhood syndromes.

Glee‘s Brittany on the other hand does not really appear like her age. She’s dumb most of the time, idiotic if I may call her. The only adult thing she probably knows is to have sex. Yet, this week’s episode presents her in a new light. While her childish attacks still make her much of a turn-off (as highlighted in her still believing of Santa’s existence), her true concerns for her boyfriend, Artie really made my tear ducts eject a salty drop of liquid. I want nothing else for Christmas. I just want him to walk. You’re magical, right Santa? I can’t help but grab a the robes of my laboratory gown while watching the episode during lunch break today. In the end (through Coach Bieste), Brittany got her wish. Her smile on seeing Artie walking was the sweetest and most sincere. I just melted.

Zechariah and Brittany. Both not toddlers already. Yet both believed that Christmas was, is, and will always be magical. They never stopped believing and hoping. Their childlike attitude continued to burn brightly in their hearts. They never stopped believing in Santa Claus. Both are the unspoken heroes of Christmas.

Innocent wishes. Pure intentions. Awesome formulation.

They say Christmas is the time for kids and it’s actually true. Probably, during this most wonderful time of the year, we ought to hop at our own time machines and rewind to our lives from decades or so ago. Like that bell from The Polar Express, let’s get that bell from Santa’s sleigh. Hopefully, when we go back after that short visit to the North Pole, the bell still chimes its soothing tune.

Glee S02E10 made me cry. True story.


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