Sayaw ng Baklang Ginagahasa

I’m starting the most wonderful month of the year with a reposted blog entry (Jan. 26, 2009) from my Multiply account. Enjoy!

Apparently some Filipino words as we know them today were not what they used to be during 17th century Spanish colonization. I learned that from Asian History (Hi16) today. For example:

gahasain = to hurry, bilisanmadaliin
ex: Anak, gahasain mo na ‘yan! Ano ba!

sayaw = sexual intercourse, pakikipagtalikpakikipagsiping
ex: Aking irog, tayo nang magsayaw buong gabi.

bakla = afraid, takotduwag
ex: Nabakla ako sa muscles mo, pare.

Moral:  Next time, be careful with your words and who you are talking to. Hahahaha!


3 comments on “Sayaw ng Baklang Ginagahasa

  1. Hi Troy! I was entertained by this short post. Not only is it funny considering that the way we use these words are different than the way it was used four centuries ago, the topic of the history of our words, its etymology, etc. has always caught my interest. 🙂

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