Troy’s Christmas and Birthday Wishlist 2010

Updated as of 19 December 2010. 🙂

It’s forty days before Christ’s Nativity again, which also means it’s just a month away before THE BIG DAY. The best way to start the countdown is of course, to come up with wishlists. December, after all, is the happiest month of the year for me. Since I’ve just started working (and ChemBoards left me bankrupt BIG TIME), I’m really looking forward to getting at least some of these I will state here.

Items here are in no particular priority. I will regularly update this page as to whether I’ll get some here already or not. (Earliest Christmas-related gathering I have will be on 3 December!)

  1. Nike Ateneo 3-peat championship shirt. Smallest size please. 🙂 I want the white variety (assuming there’s a blue one). Available at your Nike outlets!
  2. Deer-stalker cap. Or if you don’t know what this is, just go find a picture of Sherlock Holmes online. That’s what’s he’s wearing. 🙂 PS: If you can’t really find this, a black Adidas cap would do me well.
  3. Long sleeves polo. I’m happy with Van Heussen, Marks and Spencer, Pierre Cardin, G2000, and Topman already. But if you have a better brand for me, be my guest. Hint: get the smallest size and oh, I want screaming colors. The more colorful, the more I like. PS: A cardigan and/or a vest would be good alternatives to this. For them, I prefer plain black (or with stripes).
  4. Gray formal pants from G2000. Very affordable! I loooove G2000 because they always seem to be on sale every month! Yet they have super neat and durable designs. Size 30-32 for me please. PS: I want a formal belt too!
  5. Adidas cycling shorts. To those who know me and my “short shorts.” I think I need a longer, more decent variety. Hahaha. But still as comfortable/short for running and biking. 😀
  6. 250 or 320 GB external hard disk, no power source. Just Seagate would do. I just need a separate hard disk to stash my Detective Conan episodes and movies (which is at an alarming 110 GB-total already).
  7. 8 GB (or higher) memory stick. For my PSP!
  8. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid complete book set. Plus the fifth installment if you may. 🙂 There’s a box set at National Book Store!
  9. Percy Jackson and the Olympians complete book set. Since the movie is awesome, I believe the series is awesome as well! Proof: HARRY POTTER. Anti-thesis: TWILIGHT.
  10. Barney Stintson’s The Bro on the Go and The Playbook. I already have The Bro Code, so getting these two books authored by my awesome and legen –wait for it– dary long lost twin will make me a really happy man.
  11. Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks. ‘Coz there’s a zombie on your lawn yo. Available at FullyBooked and/or PowerBooks!
  12. Noli Me Tangere, translated by Harold Augenbraum (Penguin Classics). I’m not sure if there is a foreign translation of El Fili already, but that would be good as well.
  13. A book on Kanji. I really really really need to practice my Japanese! Available at FullyBooked! PS: Many Kanji please, around 500 up? The more the merrier. Yay thanks!
  14. This Journal Will Actually Change Someone’s Life!!! 2011 planner. I like this MUCH MORE than the Starbucks planner, so I actually buy this annually. But if you can beat me to it, my undying thanks are all yours!
  15. Surprise me with a good Haruki Murakami book or any detective/mystery novel. Any title would do! Well, except for detective books, I already have the complete set of Sherlock Holmes. I’m also too old for The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew (and besides, come on!).
  16. Durable, good-quality earphones. This may be pointless as I change earphones on a quarterly basis (average lifespan of them for me is around three months only), but promise I’ll make them last at least a year. I bought a cheap one from CD-R King and I’ll be using that more often. These good-quality earphones, I’m using for select occasions, like when I’m watching a really good HD movie, etc. Philips and Sony ought to make me happy (except that don’t get the cheapest variety of Philips, they last only two months to me).
  17. Digital camera! With retracting lens. I have an SLR already, so this might be pretty lame. But when the situation calls it, I choose to bring my digicam instead. However, my Sony T-100’s lens do not retract and over the years, it sort of lost its quality already. From what I understand, there are inexpensive digicams in stores which are branded, equipped with a good megapixel value (12 MP?) and sell at a low price (up to just PhP 4,000?). So there. Remember: RETRACTING LENS.
  18. Pokémon Black DS and Pokémon White DS. Well, the North American (and Philippine) release will be on March 2011 yet, so if you can promise to give me by that time, I’ll be more than good with it!
  19. Any expression shirt. I super want the Bazinga! thingy. Actually stuff Sheldon Cooper wears (yes, I can be that geeky)!
  20. One year’s supply of meat lover’s pizza! Good luck finding this one. 😛
  21. A date for my birthday. And I’m referring to YOU, missy. 🙂

Or surprise me. If you’re one of my close friends, you ought to know what I want (the tangible stuff of course).

I’ll be regularly adding and removing stuff here over time as I get to remember things I want to see inside my Christmas stocking this year. Yet, as much as Jesus gave Himself to us as the best gift ever, the perfect present I wish to receive is the company and faithfulness of my dearest friends. 🙂


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