The Things I Would Do When I Win the Lottery

Lottery in the Philippines has gone from intense to super intense as the jackpot prize hits the PhP 400 million-mark, the highest so far in history. While this is really just a small amount compared to American lottery, such amount is enough to make someone retire already. As for me, I just graduated (for the second time yeah alright) from college and I am enjoying my first job. I am not yet really picturing myself retired (as I also plan to get a doctorate degree soon) but suddenly I felt the urge to join the craze.

So, if I alone win that whooping PhP 400++ million jackpot, here’s a partial list of the things I’ll do:

  1. Buy an island. I want to tour my country and my planet but it sure feels great to have an extra place where I can stretch out my legs if I, by some weird reason, forget to purchase a plane ticket.
  2. Buy a house and lot (and of course all the necessary appliances. No, make that a mansion and a hacienda. Everyone’s dream is to settle with his/her partner in a place away from mom and dad, so there.
  3. Get a townhouse per specific province across the Philippines. Probably eight would do.
  4. Start a business and make it big. However, I’m a chemist and I don’t really know how to, so probably I’ll get a business team to help me. After that I might…
  5. Attempt to buy stocks/shares of some huge company, in the hopes to dominate them someday. Okay, management majors, correct me for misuse of technical terms. I seriously am clueless.
  6. Buy a helicopter and a yacht. And probably a submarine.
  7. Go to Antarctica and back. My childhood dream at long last! Wait, not just Antarctica, I want to…
  8. Visit the prime countries of each continent. No, I’m not referring to just the first-worlds here — I want to go to countries whose cultures are unique or are at least very notable in history.
  9. Buy five to ten cars. Of course, I’ll have all the best models. 😉
  10. Buy all the latest tech-gadgets as well as lots of clothes.
  11. Probe on possibilities of how I (and/or some of my money winnings) can help in scientific research endeavors here in our country). The Philippines has lots of great people, great scientists even (like me, haha joke!). The problem however lies in funding and budget allocation.
  12. Give to some friends and to my family. To those who I promised. 🙂
  13. Give to my favorite churches and chosen charities.
  14. Start a foundation/orphanage for taong grasas. And have some hospital for their treatment and recovery. To those who know me well, taong grasas are the reason why I chose a career in chemistry in the first place.
  15. Save some money in the bank. For my future family! Probably around PhP  200 million? I can’t use it up after all, I’m still single and ready to mingle!

Disclaimer: I am just 21 going on 22, so these things might still change. Well probably just a few only. But still there will be some changes.

That’s all I can think of so far. There’s another way actually — to be a boxer like Manny Pacquiao. I might actually consider that haha. Yet even if I get filthy rich, whether through a win the lottery or with the aid of eight boxing belts, I think I’ll still pursue graduate studies. Only when my true priceless dreams are realized shall I call it quits already.


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