One Hell of a Bike Ride

It all seemed like my usual working day. I left our lab/office in TechnoHub at 5:10 PM riding three jeepneys to get back to my condo unit in Katipunan Avenue. I was in front of my pad’s door when I realized: HOLY SMOKES I LEFT MY KEYS IN MY OFFICE DRAWER! Of course I knew that I had to go back to our office to retrieve my keys and that I have to do everything before 7:00 PM, the time when the reception area of PascualLabs and PharexHealth officially closes. With a hungry stomach, my mind was running faster than ever and the very first worry I got to think of was how to get there in the fastest time possible. As I glanced at how horrible the traffic was along the side bound for Tandang Sora my first choice was to borrow a bicycle from our condominium’s security guard and skid along the dark streets of the metro. After all, I love to ride bikes. I started biking when I was five years old, thanks to my yaya.

Then again, here’s what I forgot (but actually seemed to not care really): I biked in my corporate/work outfit. Yes, slacks and leather shoes.

My stomach grumbled and thank God our security guard lent me his bike. It was too small for me though (my bike at home in Malolos City is an MTB, the one before that is a tall war model from Japan) nonetheless I skidded along E. Abada St., going out of F. Dela Rosa, and counter-flowing along Katipunan until I reached corner C. P. Garcia. The slope in most areas are downhill so I did not really exert pedalling but here’s where the fun begins. A heavy downpour occurred some mere hours before office hours ended so puddles still are present on the roads. I skidded fast through them, hoping it would reduce the chance of me getting wet, but to no afford. By the time I reached University Avenue corner Commonwealth, my slacks seemed fresh from a super typhoon (well, just wet, not ripped into shards), my leather shoes felt as if they were submerged in stagnant water for a long time, and my top looked like it was laundered in mud.

Oh along C. P. Garcia, the road was not really good. Plus too many vehicles, why people, why?

The streets of Commonwealth are notorious for the number of lives wasted from accidents there, so I did not bother going far up to the U-turn slot for me to reach TechnoHub. I then took the bike with my hands and climbed the nearest foot bridge. By the time I reached Alpha Building (everyone had their eyes on me haha) and finally got to change clothes, I saw how miserable I was. That’s when I called my mom and she told me I was barking mad… Once again.

I was actually planning to bike my way home again (of course, I need to return the bicycle) but luckily an Avanza cab stopped in front of me. The driver allowed me to put the bike by the compartment. The traffic was still heavy along C. P. Garcia but thank God I made the right choice. A short drizzle happened as I was on seated comfortably. Too bad my underwear was included with all the mess I incurred tonight. Oops, sorry too much information!

Anyway I got home. After returning the bike to our security guard (who was laughing with his friend haha), I went to the laundry and asked them to include my top and slacks among those clothes I sent last week. They agreed. With that, I hurriedly got off my clothes and jumped to my bathroom for a good shower. My sisig waited for me. It never felt to have this good dinner!

Then again, after this crazy event ended I have to admit I enjoyed. (Not mom though, she was worried sick of me.) I missed biking along the highway again (since college drained me of the chance to do so). I’m so happy I can still race past trucks and large vehicles as well as expensive cars and arrogant tricycles. Getting wet and muddy actually sparked some joy in me. It really felt good to ride against the wind on a busy Tuesday evening. I think I’ll be requesting to have my MTB sent here in Quezon City, actually!

My childhood flashed before me. I miss my oldest bike, Firebolt (yeah she had this name even before Harry Potter). I also miss Zephyr, my MTB. Tonight, I was young and carefree again.

Moral of the story: 1) Forget your bladder but never your keys!; 2) it pays to have extra clothes (shirt, shorts, flops, and even undies!) in your office locker; 3) write a last will and testament before you do something crazy; 4) love thy mother — mothers know best; 5) never think with an empty stomach (and a bipolar metabolism); and lastly 6) bike to your heart’s desire, all the time!


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