God Does Not Know the Future

I quote my former Moral Philosophy Jesuit professor (whose name I once disclosed in Multiply, but not here anymore) for the title of this entry. I heard this line during his class two years ago, when I was a college Senior. Since then this statement pierced through my heart and sort of changed how I view things. I live with it now.

The fact that God does not know the future AT ALL stems from the phenomenological definition of freedom. Quoting my Social Philosophy class, freedom means my capacity to choose, to act on my own, to be the source of my concrete actions and to be accountable for them. [As] I gradually unfold in the world, I am not only free, but become free and response-able. Freedom then develops into “self-possession within an objectively directed project of life.” Clearly, freedom is how a person chooses to live his life. Freedom exists because a person is given choices. Firstly, if God KNOWS the future, then we human beings have no choice at all. Then again, the Bible says God breathed us with free will. The two statements are contradicting each other.

Secondly, as beings bound to the categorical imperative, we humans act in a way to establish the kingdom of means. To attain this, we must act OUT OF duty, not for an end goal, says Immanuel Kant. If we are all working towards what GOD HAS FATED us, then we are NEVER acting out of duty. We are just acting out of an end goal, that is to do what God has mapped out to us in the future. Again that can never be.

Thirdly, and to take words to a less philosophical level, if God DOES know the future, we creatures of creation are all pre-determined already… This contradicts God’s love for us (which is the basis of human freedom). In a sadder note, this can also imply that we were already judged the moment we were conceived. Now, God does not AT ALL want one person to turn into a murderer or rapist. He loves everyone. He hates sin.

And that’s not really nice, right? What if I actually want to become a medical doctor but God sees me as an engineer in the future? Totally uncool, right?

Wow, it’s great to do some philoso-blogging again.

In the end, I think the proper statement is: God does not know exactly the future but he does may know all the possibilities.

Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa. True enough, Jeremiah 29:11 says that God has great plans for us, all for our growth. It’s up to us however to grab those plans and solidify them into action.

PS: But, Troy how about the Apocalypse and Parousia? That too, my friend is in our hands. 🙂


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