Love According to Detective Conan No. 2

Of all Detective Conan stories, the one from episodes no. 421-422, season 14 (Ginkgo-Colored First Love) made me teary-eyed the most. Lifted from the manga chapters 410-412, the story revolves around Hiroshi Agasa and Fusae (or Misa) Campbell Kinoshita. The two-part story starts with Prof. Agasa discovering a very memorable item from forty years ago:

From here, Prof. Agasa recalls a female underclassman (kouhai) from forty years ago whom he first met while he was on his way to school. He is unable to remember her name though, but he remembers he was able to help her “cure” her fear of animals. In no time, they became really close to each other.

All he can remember about her was her surname: Kinoshita. He also recalls him to always don a hat while going to school. Since she was half-American, half-Japanese, kids of her age teased her blond hair often. Her friendship with the young Hiroshi was just starting to develop already when she and her family abruptly moved out to another place after the autumn season ended.

With the help of the Detective Boys (Shounen Tantei), Prof. Agasa is able to trace where “the place of memories” is. It’s actually a ginkgo (apricot) tree near the school. During fall around late November, the leaves of apricot turn into a beautiful shade of blonde — the exact color of Fusae’s hair.

Here’s where the romance becomes sad. Fusae, after forty years has been constantly waiting for Prof. Agasa to meet her but in vain. She has not entertained any suitors since (he has her young step-dad escort him every time so people would think he is her husband), and thus her beauty was retained through the decades. In her attempts to find her, she made herself famous by making signature-design bags. During their reunion however, Fusae sees the Detective Boys and begins to think that Prof. Agasa had a family already. As Fusae was about leave broken-hearted, Agasa suddenly remembered something from their childhood.

Little did both know that the feelings they originally had for each other was able to withstand time as it grew strong for the past four decades. Fusae is on the verge of giving up already when Prof. Agasa’s heart suddenly bursts into an expression preserved for the past forty years.

That’s got to be one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever heard. For two people who truly love each other, time is not a factor. Waiting seems to be a bliss, a sweet wine they’re always addicted of. Hiroshi and Fusae could have engaged in other relationships along those four decades but their hearts told them otherwise. And while they may not really be in a strict romantic relationship, their hearts were tied with the knot of love, preserved under a sturdy apricot tree. I guess that’s the true definition of mature love.

When I soon get to write my own tale, when it’s time for me to temporarily say good-bye to my mother land so that I can further train myself to become a better person, when I finally get to start my five-year countdown… …I hope there’s a Fusae waiting for me by the other side of the rainbow. As Hiroshi has made himself popular by designing many inventions, I promise to be a stronger man when I come back. I just hope she’s willing to wait until I finish such journey, though not for ten or forty years. And when that time comes, I’ll be anticipating walking along that apricot-colored pavement, towards our own sweetest “place of memories.”

Actually just typing in this blog entry made me super teary-eyed again. Where’s the next murder episode please?


2 comments on “Love According to Detective Conan No. 2

  1. Generally, Detective Conan depicts waiting. It’s a recurring theme from Ran and Shinichi to Agasa and Fusae. This is also true for Ran’s parents who didn’t seem to have ended their relationship, but instead are both waiting for each other.

  2. I have read this story , i think it is one of the great love story in manga ,i have ever read.I hope them to meet another again and have a good ending for their story .

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