Day 30: Letter to My Reflection in the Mirror

Dear Troy,

First of all, congratulations for surviving the 30-day letter challenge. You haven’t really updated your online laboratory with your goings-on as of the late but at least, I can say that you still gave justice by never forgetting to add a personal touch to each of your 30 letter posts. The past 29 posts showed the world the person you were, are, and will be. I just hope their respective addressees get to read them all (especially Days 29 and 28, which are actually for just a single person). Some entries are long, some are very short. Mostly, my emotions spilled over. All of them made me reflect as to what I really am — my dreams, aspirations, ideologies, learnings, etc.

Despite some wrinkles and other facial marks stretched across your face and hidden under your untidy hair, you still look very young. You have a lot more to go. Don’t tire of chasing your dreams. (When you do, the world stops rotating and it’s the Apocalypse already.) Have the inspiration of your friends and family as your everyday fuel. Never forget to always bring your faith in the Holy Triune God and your devotion to Mama Mary as your car keys. The journey you have chosen to traverse is a long and winding one but with your deep passion, I know you’ll get to where you want to arrive at. It may take a long time (since I strongly believe that there are NO SHORTCUTS in life) but at least you’ll get there. Trust me. 🙂

Never stop being yourself. Continue to be the extroverted, friendly, and wild (and green, though I am an Atenean) boy that you are. You’re not in school already (though you’ll be going back soon) but there are still a lot of lives to touch in the outside world. Imagine, inspire, influence. As you’ve taught a younger generation of officers before, I yet have a lot to learn about what those three words actually mean to me.

Explore the Earth more. Go out and live an adventurous life. Enjoy the beauty of the environment with your best friends. While you do, try to come up with suggestions or ideas on how you can use your skills to help make this planet more beautiful. Use your chemistry and materials science knowledge. I am not really your thesis adviser but I’m assigning that to you as a life-long dissertation. Until then enjoy Mother Nature.

Lastly (well for now in this short letter), breathe. Learn to forgive yourself. In that way you’ll start to love and believe in yourself. It’s a fact that mistakes are truly scarier than terror professors/instructors but without them, life would be boring. Take a rest. Even just for an hour, clear your mind of whatever you are thinking. Release all those frustrations and worries.

I know you’ll do great. Here’s to when I see you again, you’ve evolved into a man of wisdom already. Or at least you have achieved some of your many big dreams.


PS: As your Mommy reminds you it’s high time for you to go to the gym. Break out some sweat. Exercise! Your tummy is expanding at an exponentially scary rate already.


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