Day 28: Letter to the Person Who Changed My Life

Dear You (actually the next blog entry is for you as well),

I’ll never tire of uttering my thanks to you for really transforming my life by making me grow into maturity. Having come from a tragic 2008 full of deaths of young friends and opening 2009 badly with the demise of my maternal grandfather, I began to view at life in a negative manner (actually, darker than how I used to look at it). I saw life as a meaningless struggle where one has to bend with the waves just to survive. And then those who harp themselves as “true friends” started to backbite me with very hurtful words. From that stand, I started looking negatively at people — I saw mistrust in everyone. It was also the point I began acting out of pure paranoia and terror — I always used to think that people actually despised me all the time. Well then, despise me, I’ll despise you too. That became my life. How sad it has been, not even my first college graduation was able to cure it.

Yet by God’s grand design you came into my life by the time my eyes were starting to blind in darkness. At first I was hesitant, as I actually really find it hurting to my pride to have people younger than me teach me with whatever they claim I lack (or obsessively have). Still I decided to give it a try and I actually listened to you. Upon hearing your voice (and your insights of course), something scarred in my heart seemed to automatically patch up. Your personality began breathing life into my already decaying emotions. I enjoyed your company and my soul actually thirsted for more bonding sessions with you. You were very generous with that idea. Together (until now) you shared your laughs and stories to me. Your smiles were so infectious that the darkness my eyes were used to started to spill out rainbow colors. Simply put, you revived my cheerfulness with your cheers.

With you coming into my life, I saw everything in a positive perspective again. I believed in the goodness of people, in caring friendship, and of course in love for one another.

Every minutes, yes that means up to the present, you change my life. You may actually not know how some of your little good deeds mean greatly to me, but I’m just fine with it. I just hope you never tire out you sweet angel.

Again, thank you very much. My heart can’t say more.

Cheers to more quality time we’ll be spending together,

One big unicorn, strong and free, thought he was happy as he could be. Then [a] little [kitten] came around and turned his whole life upside down. [She] made him laugh, [she] made him cry. […] And now he knows he can never part from [that] little [kitten] that changed his heart.
-Gru of Despicable Me


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