Day 21: Letter to Someone I Judged by First Impression

Dear Friend,

When I first saw you back in freshman high school, I thought you were very unfriendly. After I being elected class president, my first move was to get to know my classmates and make friends with them. I was correct with my first impression that you were a little snob and shy. Yet as time progressed, my first impression on you died down and you became my best friend. We then started a little barkada which grew into the solid TKG Tropa we know of today.

Well, I won’t apologize for my first impression on you. Had I not made that, I may have not exerted any effort to befriend you. Let’s have a sleepover at your place agaaaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnn!

Friends forevaaaaah (oh yeah!),

PS: In case you want your privacy, I already went a step ahead to hide your name. That’s what friends are for, after all.


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