Day 12: Letter to the Person I Hate the Most


It’s been fifteen (or probably more) years since you gave my family the biggest problem we never dreamed would happen. At a very young age, I never had any idea of what you did as my parents even gave their fullest trust in you. The millennium turned to a close (we’re actually about to start a new decade next year!) and we still haven’t heard from you. Mahiya ka naman sa balat mo, kung pwede lang.

I can’t learn to forgive you, seriously. Probably I won’t, or I don’t want to. Every time I hear your name, my blood froths in boiling anger. I honestly think this is unhealthy, as it’s supposed to be my parents who should be angry at you. (They always tell me, “at least we are all very healthy!”) You must be thankful, they have already forgiven you. As for me, I really think that had you not entered our lives, we would have lived differently.

Well there you go. I think I’m getting too childish already. I just remembered you because of today’s theme. I won’t bother about your existence anymore. God is the eternal provider of justice and I’ll just be contented with that.



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