Day 7: Letter to the Letter X

Well of course, the title is impossible. Probably no one has ever thought of composing a short memo to arguably one of the most unused letters in the English alphabet. Well, actually I’m just drafting this one-paragraph header here to delay what needs to be inputted for today’s 30 Day Letter Challenge. Since I’ve ran out of words now, I’m forced to go back to Earth now. But fine, the title was just a simple way of diverting (and probably, attracting) attention.

Dear You (yeah you already know who you are),

While my letter greeting obviously lacks half of the well-deserved endearment, please be assured that you still are one of my treasured friends. I have learned a lot from you and I think we’re both stronger now, in terms of life (well, duh). When we get the chance to see each other again, I think it will be a good idea to have some coffee and lunch while the sun is still up in the skies, just to discuss recent developments (of technology, haha I jest). In the evening if you’re still available we can go to the nearest bar then grab a glass of alcohol (and most likely, much more than just a glass) and then talk about what ever we can talk about. And then I don’t know. Any suggestions you can think of?

Hoping to hear from you (since it’s been a long time already),


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