Day 5: Letter to My Dreams

Okay, before I start this, I think this will be the hardest of the 30 day letter challenge blog entries so far. Do we refer to “dream” as the person I always chance to think of when I’m asleep, or dream as in the abstract noun? (Well, browsing through the other entries, I think this refers to the former, so here goes nothing.)

Dear Person-in-My-Dreams [Lately!],

Many thanks to you, I’ve been having good night sleeps (though since I’m already old, I have them less than eight hours already, on a regular basis). There are glimpses of times when we’re together in the waking world that I think I fall asleep momentarily, as my mind suddenly turns blank with just the picture of you in sharp detail. Everything blurs out and you’re the only person my line of vision selectively chooses to see. The noises of the busy streets suddenly turn into sweet melodies and as the song goes, there’s color everywhere.

Here’s to hoping that this abstract imagination will eventually turn into a tangible, beautiful masterpiece soon. For the meantime, stay as awesome as you are. 🙂

Sweet dreams to me and to you,

PS: I think I don’t want to wake up.


2 comments on “Day 5: Letter to My Dreams

    • Dear Miggy, I publicized it: 1) para exciting, yung iba gusto ko talaga sabihin sa person eh! and 2) I dunno how to change privacy settings dito sa WordPress eh. Uy, ano blog mo? :p I’ll put a link of yours in my page! 😀

      Good luck din sa iyo if you’re joining! 🙂

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