Day 1: Letter to My Best Friend

Dear Best Friend,

I won’t ever forget that day when we played Counter-Strike until late evening. I told you to tell my mom the moment she calls you to say we were “stuck in a super terrible traffic” to explain why we were not able to beat her deadline. However when she gave you a ring, you did not stick to the original plan. The result was I became grounded for forty days. And you received a left black eye, courtesy of my right knuckles (or bones, for that matter).

Second year high school. No, make that the rest of high school. Do you remember?

Ragnarok Online and Gunbound became popular in online gaming and we tried them out, together with our circle of friends. We also had our first serious taste of ethanol, with everyone going really wild. We played billiards until we dropped dead, wishing we’d be as good as Efren “Bata” Reyes. We had those monthly swimming parties, those karaoke singing jams, those project-making blues, and so on. We were young and wild, as they said. Yet we never stopped dreaming. We chased all those obstacles and distractions away. Those good times left a permanent mark to all of us. And more than the four walls of our classroom, we learned a lot from each other. 🙂 (And we also had rough times, but they just lasted for a mere nanosecond to us (of course, this is exaggerated) since we bond together like super glue).

Fast-forward to ten years since we first met.

At the present, Ragnarok Online and Gunbound may just be fossils in the world of online games. Yet my friendship for you is like a mummy — preserved for eternity’s sakes.

Do you remember? Oh, there’s one thing I just did. Please give me my GameBoy Color back, it’s been eight years already. Hahaha just kidding.



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