Three Months and Happy

I’ve just played Wake Me up When September Ends by Green Day and that’s when I noticed that it’s fourth quarter already. Time really flies. Well, only when you’re joining the tide and when you have a smile painted across your face.

The past two days (aside from the revolts my stomach screamed), I’ve been back in our company’s main office in South Triangle in EDSA. Last Monday, I toured our manufacturing plant in Balagtas, Bulacan. Besides the similar colors the regular employees don, I can’t help but notice their cheery personalities. Their smiles and laughs are contagious. Everyone is willing to share his/her life to another as well as hear out what his co-employee has to say. Thus, even though I was situated away from our laboratory in UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub (where all the fun people are) these past three days, I still felt I was at home with my fellow workers who very much welcomed me with sincere hearts.

I guess that’s how all work should go. You enjoy it and own it as your own. That’s when you start to grow.

Three months and counting! 🙂 Passion, health, life. And fun.


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