After Five Years of College, Three Months of Review, and Two Days of Paranoia

IT’S FINALLY OFFICIAL. The new batch of chemists are in. (Mehganon? Hahaha.) The results came out after less than thirty hours of our last exam day.

Looking back, it seems that all those four years of hardcore chemistry and that extra year of intense MSE was worth it. My health may have declined at some aspects but the knowledge I’ve gained and the new friends I’ve made all made the journey wonderful.

Well, those are just my feelings. Straight to the point. As just some few extra notes, I’m glad that during those final moments of our reviewing I was able to discover my love for research again. Yes, getting a chemist license is one step higher in my ultimate dream of becoming a PhD. After I get enough experience, I want to pursue for that degree outside the country. When I return, I’ll share the talents I have harvested there to help my country rise in terms of the field of science.

Secondly, I’ve met many new non-Atenean friends during my review school days at UP-Diliman. It’s wonderful to share my life to them, as they’ve willingly shared theirs to me. More than my review school and my chemistry books, I learned a lot from them.

The last and most important point is that I’ve also rediscovered my deep faith to God and my devotion to Mama Mary during those times that I feel like I want to give up. Quoting my blockmate Gabbie and the Gospel from which it was lifted, it was the time that I [went] ahead and [lowered my net and claimed] God’s blessing. True enough He never abandoned me. (Actually during the exam, I’ll testify that at those times I forget the required formulas, I just utter my prayers to Him and voila, I remember them!) And of course, all prayers interceded thru Mama Mary are very very powerful. Mama Mary, that’s like my fourth wish you already granted. Many thanks! 🙂

My undying thanks to those who prayed for us!

So that’s it. This journey is far from over yet. This is just a warm-up exercise for me. One big fight!


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