This Picture Brings a Lot of Memories

So last night I was studying for my review school’s Physical Chemistry long exam when some time before my laptop clock struck midnight, I got this mail in the form of a Facebook notification. I’ve been just tagged in a picture. I then closed my book  (which I never thought would be my last) and put all of my review materials away to see this:

Holy Spirit Academy of Malolos, Grade 6-Fortitude batch 2000-2001. Yes we are the children of EDSA Dos. 43 girls only 8 boys = Star section formula.

I think I’ve already lost (or at least misplaced to somewhere I have no idea of, in which case really classifies as “lost) my original copy of this photo. It thus took me a lot of time remembering the names of all my classmates (and teachers) here that I just found myself joining in the thread of conversations which follows this post (sorry, mailbox for flooding you but hey thanks filtering service to making the cleaning up easier).

Behind the conversations of my ex-classmates, I was more of reflecting on myself: my past and how I transformed to what I am now. Here are some points:

1. I am a hardcore Pokéfreak. More than Final Fantasy, yes. It dates back to Grade Four/Five when I got my Yellow Version. At first I was really a sucky player: only leveling up Pikachu and Clefable to the extremes while leaving the others untouched. In fairness to the two, I won all gym leader battles. However, when it came to the Pokémon League’s Elite Four, I can’t seem to defeat Lance (I was actually struggling to beat Agatha and her poison quintet). That’s when I was left with no choice and I opted to black out of the game. With half my money left, I was thinking then, “I need a strong move!” I remembered the dot-matrix effects of Earthquake then and decided to catch a high-level Graveler. Thing is, I caught him with a MASTER BALL. Nonetheless I beat the Elite Four and Gary. (Oh and did I mention I beat ALL the legendary birds and Mewtwo as well? Yes, defeat as in made them FAINT. DISAPPEAR. EVAPORATE TO NOTHINGNESS.) Some weeks after, I got this message which said The file data has been destroyed. The heaviness of those words made me cry to the point my mother threatened me of giving my Game Boy away. So I just dried my tears, restarted everything (yay, I did a lot better, and without Clefable this time!). With my team strong and my newly-discovered trainer skills, I was trading and battling my real-life peers like crazy via link cable. Time flew like Pidgeot and my parents got me a new Game Boy Color plus the Silver and Crystal versions. I then got my hands on a Game Boy Advance and I enjoyed LeafGreen, Ruby, and Emerald. Now, all these gadgets are not functional anymore as they have been trumped by my Nintendo DS Lite already. I’ve played Diamond, Platinum, and SoulSilver lots of times and I’m waiting for the Black and White versions.

2. I am a big Potterhead. I looooooove reading books ever since I gained the ability to read. It was Grade Five then when Mommy suggested that I try this book which was slowly gaining popularity then. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. At first I did not really get to understand Chapter One (The Boy Who Lived) so I was thinking that this book would be a big waste of time. Little did I know that that was actually J. K. Rowling’s brilliant idea as I passed by the next chapters. I can remember how I was so fond of making “Harry Potter quizes” with my Grade School classmates then (which also makes me realize that ever since then, I have a very poor penmanship haha.) From the littlest of clues in the book, we calculated for the actual birthday of all the characters (Harry and Ron were born on 1980, Hermione on 1979) and other important dates (Harry Potter 7 ends June 1998. The Nineteen Years Later epilogue will take place on June 2017). Time flew fast again and before I knew it I had completed up to The Goblet of Fire (The Chamber of Secrets and The Prisoner of Azkaban before it, of course) before I graduated Grade Six. I waited three more years until The Order of the of the Phoenix, The Half-Blood Prince, and The Deathly Hallows were simultaneously released. All thanks to my mom for being supportive, financially speaking. And related to this…

3. …I love writing stories then. Adapted novels. From the books I read, I change the characters, twist the plot a little, and viola, I have a new story. One of them is Taymasin, an adaptation of H.G. Wells’ Time Machine. Characters were my classmates. And me of course. Though not the lead role.

4. I actually wanted to be a priest then. Probably because I was immersed with so much acolyte work in our parish, or the atmosphere I grew up in smelled strongly of Catholicism, or I was so active in Kids for Christ (CFC-KFC) as much as my parents were engaged in Couples for Christ (CFC). Or maybe the real reason is…

5. I was a solid woman hater then. I never entertained the idea of having a crush on a girl, or if there were some times that I felt my eyes were glue on a particular classmate, I try my best to shrug it of my conscious streams. The hearsays of girls having a crush on me for me was worse and probably shares the same level as a creepy nightmare to me then. When I hear that someone likes me in whatever way, I’ll shout “MAGPAPARI NGA AKO EH! (I will be a priest!).” I have no idea why this is the case (probably too much delayed Oedipal complex? Haha I am not a Psychology major so I can’t understand really). Even when I was watching TV and I unconsciously utter “She’s pretty” whenever I see a hot actress and my sister hears me, I would then hurriedly slam her lips shut before she can shout to my mom (Uy, Mommy si Kuya nagagandahan daw sa isang artistang babae sa TV!). However, things turned TOTALLY DIFFERENT when I entered High School, new school, all-boys. The absence of girls in campus and of course the things teenage boys share in secret made me appreciate looking at a girl, appreciating her beauty, and even developing deep feelings for her. It’s not advisable to be a late bloomer though.

6. I love changing into my PE uniform along the school corridor. I don’t really fancy the smell of the Male washroom so I do this. I don’t really care if I’m just left in my briefs then, even with girls passing by, ogling at my almost naked state. My defense then was “As long as I have briefs, I have nothing to be ashamed of.” Heck, I was circumcised Grade Three/Four, so it’s okay. Hahaha.

7. I was an introvert then. Super contrary to my extroverted self now. When people get to know me, they’ll first think of me as timid and shy. However when they get to know me more and I get to know them more as well, my lips begin to loosen up and they continue to be in a loquacious phase until God knows when. This was I am comfortable with making long, engaging, and funny conversations with my peers. But back when I was Grade Six, these things were totally the other way around. If I was speaking loudly then, it would be only to some of my friends. And to those friends…

8. …I was a bully. Not really like the typical bully. Let’s just say I love making fun of my friends. From hiding their pencils and eyeglasses to chasing them along the corridors to drenching them in ice-cold water from my Coleman.

9. I was small and so skinny then. I think I was second to the smallest then, as I was a few inches shy than my mom (who is 5′ flat). Well ten years after, I gained around a foot (I am now 5’9.5″). I also feel like two months pregnant with my tummy expanding to an unbelievable rate lately. Talk about my ultra-fast metabolism now slowing down.

10. I like biking ever since I was Grade One. I’m surprised actually that some people of my age still don’t know how to bike. I learned how to with my first MTB, Firebolt. Yaya taught me at age 7. Since then, racing against local tricycles and fellow bikers along the uptown highway became my hobby every time my parents were not looking.

11. I was not really that active in extra-curriculars then. I did not join inter-school contests or even attempt to inquire about them. I was not into being a high-ranking class or club officer as well (my highest rank was as Vice President). Probably my reason then was fear of big responsibilities. As I entered High School though and was unwittingly proclaimed President of the class, I realized that responsibilities are not really that awful-looking all-powerful monsters. While they may be wild animals, they still can be tamed and trained. Gaining such skill gives one the ability to imagine, inspire, and influence (which for me is one of the greatest joys of living). Well, had I not learned this in a step-wise manner I would have been where I was last year in the student council (as Head of the Science and Technology Cluster, and the previous positions I assumed before that term).

12. I was so interested in the sciences ever since then. I was meant to graduate BS Chemistry and BS Materials Science and Engineering. Though my dreams then were an M.D., it’s now a Ph.D. Nonetheless, Science was easily my most favorite subject then (as well as Math), evidenced in me joining the Science (and Computer Clubs). Questions like the immiscibility of water in oil, the melting of ice under the sun, and so on never left my brain cells.

13. I was so cute then! Why isn’t it true anymore. Oops no, I only have twelve on the list. Haha. Anyway, just look for me in the picture!

The list is actually endless but then again that would be a long boring read also known as a heart-break novel. For that reason, I am thus cutting this blog entry to the immediate thirteen traits I can think of. (And of course some more private aspects of my life I am not publishing publicly!)

That was me then. This is me now. This will be me tomorrow. I really enjoyed looking back. Life is super wonderful! 🙂

Moral of the story: Don’t “study” with your laptop open and right next to you. No music is also necessary. If you can’t resist, at least close your Tweetdeck and set your Facebook to zero mail notifications. Hahaha!


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