Everything in Life Is Governed by a Mathematical Equation

I dunno how it started but last night I dreamed about getting into a room with mathematical equations doodled across its wallpapers. Weird, huh. Well, after waking up, I suddenly remembered my first year Algebra teacher when she challenged us, “Name me something, anything you know that does not involve mathematics. If you can name one, I will exempt you from all monthly and quarterly exams.” Almost everyone got into it, even me (I answered “prayer,” I’ll put her counter-argument later). However, no one got those exemptions.

Nine years after I heard this, I’m still thinking of answers. All of my attempts have been in vain. While science thus finds its center in chemistry, its innermost core is the home of mathematics. There is absolutely nothing in this world which is not described by a mathematical equation. I’ll name a few examples to those unconvinced.

First of all, there is the population of the world. No better way to describe it except in terms of numbers. Even the term “many” is mathematical. Adjectives are relative to who’s using them and thus are a function of personal rank and scale. This applies to all persons and objects being described. And speaking of objects, all inanimate objects are mathematical in nature. From how it is processed — amount of raw material, processing time, expiration/degradation date, etc. all of which involve mathematics. Likewise, food is a mathematical function of the amount we eat, the time we eat, the budget we use. Everything we buy and we sell (or we give and/or receive as gifts) are all described by mathematics too. Psychology, human actions and interactions, sports, and the like can be expressed in a function of specific variables as well, depending on specific constant conditions. Information and innovative technologies are likewise mathematical in nature, as their basic theories rely heavily on the concepts of the natural and applied sciences.

We then move on to virtues and vices. Both are mathematical too, a function of time and other factors. How we use or neglect one or the other depends on what situation we are in life and the extent of how we use them can be expressed as a percent value. (Example: I feel so 47% uninspired today. I am only 26% done with my homework because I spent 100% of my break on Facebook last three hours!)

Love is a mathematical function as well! It’s a very complicated integral with super many variables, each dependent and independent with each other. Love may begin early or late, develop slow or fast, and so on. The amount of care we give our special other is a measure of how loyal we are to her. (This value must be greater than or equal to 100%, but never less than!) The love she returns is a measure of how she trusts you (which can be described by an exponential function, so if you’re getting it at low levels, you’re dead meat). And as with marriages that are counted with the number of years, love is explained by mathematics as well. I am amazed to hear rare cases when I hear values where y = 75. 🙂 And speaking of family, it is defined by a function dependent on the number of children, relatives living, house, commodities, etc.

Success and happiness are both described by mathematical equations as well. There is a universal function for both, the variables of which are dependent on each person’s constants: life values, dreams, ideologies. At certain conditions, these constants may change (such as temperature, pressure, further education, work contentment, etc.). Nonetheless, success and happiness are not state functions thus it is dependent on the path undergone from initial to final conditions. Everyone’s mathematical challenge is thus to find his own path and eventually understand the equation themselves.

Life and death are two realities in life governed by simple mathematics. Both their variables are dependent on health (which is dependent on our food diet and exercise routines), education (another mathematical function), financial situation, marriage, profession, travels, and so on. Don’t believe those Facebook apps though. They lack the calculus basis, I tell you.

And lastly, yes faith and prayer (and philosophy in general) are described by mathematics. As existent beings, we are finite creatures only (as described by the mathematical function of life). By some complex analytic geometry, our souls have are described by an equation of infinite thirst over something and the mathematical solution to this is the Infinity (1/0, translated as the One over everything). Faith is once again not a state function and how we are close to finding this Infinity depends on the other equations of life. Faith is thus the most complicated formula there is. It is however, not impossible to be solved. The manner of solving however depends from person to person. And back to prayer, well it’s mathematics at its most beautiful verbal form. We have constructed prayers, such as the Sign of the Cross, the Holy Mass (which is more of a function, not strictly constructed, as its length depends on the celebrant and the occasion), Prayers for Peace, and Generosity. These are usually followed by our personal prayers, which are functions of our feelings, needs, desires, etc. That’s how my teacher explained how prayer is a mathematical formula and I am convinced.

Of course there are those concepts in biology, chemistry, and physics which are strictly mathematical at first glance. Other things, which I am not going to discuss here on this blog for parental guidance purposes, are likewise governed by mathematics. (Clue: Three letters, one vowel, sounds like the number after five. Hahaha!)

Moral of the story: All human beings are mathematicians. Our challenge is to discover and solve all those mathematical equations in life. That is what I think the point in the graph where existence reaches its maximum value (100%).

Name me one aspect of life which is NOT governed by a mathematical equation. I’m confident you can’t. 😉


2 comments on “Everything in Life Is Governed by a Mathematical Equation

  1. If so is the fact, answer me the mathematical unit of loyalty, mathematical function of love, and if u can’t fucking answer me, fuck you and your teacher’s thought because i believe in what i see.

    • Loyalty can mean like putting 100% of your devotion/faith to someone/thing — some people from my country are half-heartedly loyal only, you can probably say that. So math terms there. For love, I’m looking more into the numerical measure of it — like a wedding anniversary or that of a romantic relationship in general. Unconditional love is of no measure yeah, but isn’t that just 1-over-0 in math or infinity?

      This post was meant to just appreciate what my teacher told me ages ago — I’m not really convincing you to take it fully. So if ever I was not able to convince you with my answers, I apologize for that. Have a good day.

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