The Top Ten Kinds of People I Respect the Most

With a few more days remaining before I meet my doom (that is, before chemistry boards (sorry blog, the exact reason I wasn’t able to update you)), my breaks have been well spent on me pondering on many things which have nothing to do with what I am currently studying at all. I’ve also just arrived full circle at my first month at work. As the hands of time continue to drip away, the number of people I meet continues to increase in a fairly linear manner. While I am yet to live my life, I have more to experience and observe, now that I’m halfway of my first year of being legally-aged.

For this entry, I just wish to give thanks to those people who I’ve met so far and have changed and are still changing my life. The names in my list, if I write them down, will eat up a lot of time, so I’ll just group them into ten:

10. Living heroes and national icons. Death is not a requisite to be branded a hero, and these people are the perfect examples. To utilize one’s talents and skills for the greater glory of God and neighbor is simply one of life’s joys.

9. Ministers and priests. In particular Jesuits. They remind us that as finite creatures, only the Infinite can quench our infinite thirst for infinity. Life without God in the equation is plain boring.

8. Mystery enthusiasts. Fact- and fiction-wise. I grew up enjoying Sherlock Holmes, Conan Edogawa, and other fictitious detectives. That’s why when I became adolescent, I look up to people who love probing every mystery in this world. And speaking of that…

7. Dedicated researchers and innovators. Scientists. Them who probe the mysteries of the Earth the deepest. Them who believe that what is good enough is never enough. I look up to them so great that I seriously want to pursue graduate studies to follow them! 🙂

6. Non-Catholic Christians who are comfortable in hearing Catholic Masses and Catholic Christians who are likewise participative in non-Catholic services. Pretty self-explanatory. Wonderful people who continue to promote the unity of religions.

5. Advocates of environmental care. Whether you believe in either the global warming and/or the solar max theory, as a long as you throw your trash in the garbage can, you are an awesome person. Yes, as simple as that.  And if you support green movements and similar stuff, you’re more awesome.

4. Old people who are still working and/or researching. They remind me that life is a constant process of learning.  They remind me that life is a never-ending process of delivering out your best as an existent being. How one lives is how one goes on to the next life, after all. I want to die with fulfillment in my soul.

3. Senior citizens, in general. And family people. With age comes wisdom (and cholesterol). Enough said.

2. Independent young professionals. They don’t need yaya anymore to wake them up. They don’t need kusinera anymore to cook for their meals. They don’t need labandera anymore to launder their clothes. They don’t need mommy anymore to pay for their apartment bills. They can do all those things ALL BY THEMSELVES.

1. Mentors — people who are willing to share what they have learned while maintaining their interest to learn more at the same time. As I said, life is a constant process of learning. Mentors simply make the process super colorful.

God bless these people, wherever they are and wherever they will go! 🙂


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