Learning to Believe in Santa Claus Again

As part of our transferring from our research laboratory in EDSA to the one in Alpha building in UP-Ayala Technohub, one of our tasks for work was to pack and unpack pieces of glassware for easy movement of materials. While most of them were already wrapped in old newspaper when I started work, I busied myself today by unpacking them  in our new laboratory. It was as if Christmas came early to me. I was like a kid excited to unwrap gifts I just got from Santa Claus. (Well, true enough I am excited to do our research work already.)

Ever since I was young I knew that the original Santa Claus has long been gone here on Earth and my parents are the ones putting gifts on my Christmas sack every Yuletide evening. However, I would fool them by saying I still believe that old St. Nick still lives and as a result, I still get my “Santa gifts” until Grade Six (when my mother confronted me that I’m too old to continue fooling around with them already). I was also in my Sixth Grade when my niece, who was also my goddaughter, was born. At an unemployed age, I took on the job of becoming someone else’s Santa Claus.

Yet again, while unpacking those glassware earlier, it was as if I felt that excitement I felt when I was young. There was this feeling of extreme excitation that only gets satisfied when the gift inside is revealed. It was as if that chemist in lab gown became a playful toddler again.

I remember Fr. Johnny Go’s homily for the ninth day of Misa de Gallo (Simbang Gabi) last year. He challenged everyone to believe in a Santa Claus again even at a professional sphere. In believing in that bearded jolly old man again, we embrace the reality of hope and eventually, the beauty of human existence. Life is definitely worth living for if lived meaningfully. Looking at things with a positive attitude aids us search for this “worth.”

Like that boy in The Polar Express, do we still hear the sweet chime of that bell from Santa’s sleigh?

171 days to go until Christmas!


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