Reasons Why Yakitate!! Ja-pan Is the World’s Best Manga Ever

This is why I loooove Yakitate!! Ja-pan. It’s dominate-the-world-using-bread philosophy excites me to no end! Hahaha! And these pictures tell the reason why.

Only in this super fun manga will you see how a human being full of greedy desires would go to as far as transforming himself into bread (well, even unintentionally) just to gain material power.

Well. I love to cook. And now, to bake. Hahaha. Well, not for world domination, I’m too young for that. 😛 The kitchen is a chemist’s little lab, after all.

And admit it, Yakitate!! Ja-pan does spark your philosophical hormones to the excited state.

(PS: The idea of world domination never crossed my mind. So no torches and blades shoved in front of my face tonight, please.)


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