Exam Rules

During ChemBoards review this morning, I took a comprehensive exam of the double whammy also known as organic chemistry and biochemistry along with my classmates from other universities. It has been a while since I took an exam under classroom conditions. I kind of actually miss the dramas of academic pressure, yeah.

So to those who are still yet to graduate, cherish those exams you will be having. You may not see it yet, but they will truly prepare you for the world out there. Let me share some words from Jon Philippe Go, last year’s Top Six in the Chemist Licensure Exams and now an instructor here at the Ateneo de Manila University:

Look up for inspiration, look down for depression, but never look sideways for information!

And before you take exams, you need to prepare right? Well:

Practice does not make you perfect. Nobody’s perfect anyway. But practice makes permanent.

Well, there you go. Good luck and enjoy the rest of your academic life. It will never be the same again after you graduate, honestly.


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